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In memory of Christopher Moseley

Created by Family Of Christopher Moseley

Christopher Moseley

My son had a lot happen to him in the past two years. My husband of twenty-three years walked out on us in July of 2006. At that time, Christopher had the stability of a home in the suburbs with a lot of friends. He skateboarded regularly and was always happy. He had a stable family home, and then his dad drops this bombshell that he is not happy. Our home was sold and we had to move across the boulevard from our neighborhood into an apartment. Christopher distanced himself from his friends. This is when he started buying cough syrup from the store around the corner. I tried to stop this from happening, but someone in the family would always give him a few bucks. Unfortunately, the apartment complex I moved into was too expensive so I moved to be closer to my mother in another small town. Christopher hated it from the start. I was still receiving my normal amount in child support but was jobless due to back trouble and the fact that I am bipolar. Christopher was also bipolar, and he attended regular sessions with a therapist. When we first moved in our apartment, I went with a friend to look for a job. That afternoon I went to eat with some friends; it was very seldom we got to go out to eat, so I took her up on it. I had tried to call home and received no answer; I figured Chris was on the computer. After we were done eating, I had brought a plate of food home for Christopher. When I arrived I found him on the floor. His hands and lips were blue. I called 911. Christopher had taken four Hydrocodone. What he did not know was that my doctor had doubled the strength. I got him through this with rehab and got him back home. I couldn't get him to go to this new school, so we home schooled. Everything seemed to be going ok. I was keeping all my meds at my mother's house down the street. Then one day we received a call from the Hospital regarding Christopher's brother. I have 2 sons. Michael who is 24 and Christopher who is 16. Michael was helping a friend excavate a lot with no insurance and the guy driving the backhoe went backward instead of forward. Michael was standing behind him chain sawing limbs off a downed tree and his left leg was run over. When we got to the Hospital, the Doctor came in and said he would have to cut off his left leg from above the knee down. Christopher started screaming "No don't take my brothers leg". He loved his brother and looked up to him. Before it was all over with, they had to take another 4 inches. Michael is now struggling to receive any financial help he can get. Who would ever know that in June I would loose my baby? Michael never stayed home, so it was always just me and Christopher. The night Christopher died we had run down the street to get my meds for the following day. I went to take a bath and instead of locking them up, I hid them in the closet. It really didn't matter either way because he had found the key and gotten his meds out before. I didn't know this until the next day after he was gone. I went to bed around midnight and went into the living room to check on Christopher. He had made himself some toast and had it laid out on the coffee table. He had eaten 2 pieces and had appeared to have gone to sleep. I had given him an over-the-counter sleeping pill because I had a doctor's appointment the next day and he was going to my driver. Christopher appeared to be asleep. I laid him down in front of the couch, got his pillow and blanket and tucked him in. I told him Mom can't carry you to your bed so I'll just make you a place to sleep here. For some reason, that night I woke up every 2 hours. Once at 2am, and I checked to make sure he was covered up. Then I woke up again at 4am, and I checked on him again. Then at 6 am his face was cold, so I adjusted the air. At 8 am, I tried to wake him up and he wouldn't respond. If I only had knew how to take a pulse, I might have caught this. I've been to Bridgeway over depression, and my bipolar disease is not helping. I have beaten myself up over this. I lost my wonderful son. I am alone in this world now and I am staying with my mother. My other son is gone most of the time. As far as income, my husband has been court ordered to pay temp spousal support. This allows for meds and car payment. I think we should think about the impact leaving someone after 23 years can have such on a child's life. I sure would have thought twice. Christopher was a wonderful person, a very good skateboarder, and very smart. You could have conversations with him about anything. I miss that so much. We kept each other entertained. His cats miss him. Bubba misses him the most. There's nothing more for me to do but go on alone. I will never forget my baby. He now is looking down on me and I look forward to when it's my time to be with him.

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Guest Book


1. Megan Fritz
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing this story, Christopher will be missed!
2. Jennifer Lamanac Aaron Mason's Mom
This is another very sad story of what happened to Christopher. My son and him are together in heaven- find peace in that. I will pray for all of your families, but I will never understand how this can happen to our babies. They have so much to live for. It is just so sad.
3. Kim Simmons
This is a very sad story, I have read the things that Tammie Ferris has written. A lot of people get divorced, one parent is not to blame. It takes 2. The loss of this child is terrible for both mother and father, grandparents,and family. My prayers are with all of you...
4. Tim Day
Chris, I know your dad misses you everyday, he talks about you with me and all of his friends. No one will ever know, only god, the pain and suffering he has been through.
5. Jim Belknap
I am sorry that someone turned this memorial around to be about them, instead of Chris. Chris would be very happy to know his dad has found peace and happiness with the help of family, church, and friends. He is admired by many for the dad he was to Christopher.
6. Kelly Hamel
My name is Kelly, I am Christopher's 2nd cousin. My heart is broken for his mom Tammie. Not because she is my cousin but because she lost her child. I've read all of this criticism and blame toward her for his death and find it so very sad that people are blaming her! People who feel they need to criticize and place blame others at a time like this, must have some guilt of their own that they are carrying. We need to first ask ourselves if we did all that we could have done to help him ourselve
7. Tammie Ferris
I have already expressed my thoughts about Christopher was. I will never recover this loss. I have had several breakdowns from missing him. I find this last memorial hard to understand and not 1 word about Christopher. The mention of how his father is finally happy. Is this because he doesn't have to bother with his son anymore. I don't appreciate anyone expressing this. This child does not deserve this. I would give my life for him a thousand times over. Can his father? I will never forget. Mom
8. Jim Belknap
Chris, we miss you. I know you are looking down and thinking how proud you are of your dad. What a wonderful hard working man, and he has finally found the happiness he deserves.
9. Tammie Moseley
Today makes 3 years since I have seen your face, we miss you so much, still looking to see you again. We love you!
10. Tammy Belknap
Chris, we all miss you. Parents, please watch for signs that your child is having problems. Long before this marriage ended, Chris was having problems with school and social anxiety. After three overdoses, we lost our precious Chris.
11. Lindsey Jackson
Christopher was a great guy and is missed daily. He was certainly a caring guy. Tammie was the best mother to Christopher that she could be...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! We love you and miss you. Can't wait until we meet again. We know you are in a much better place.
13. Rosa Greenwich
Chris,you were always so special to me. I think about you all the time and the funny little things you used to do. I thank God for these memories and know you are in a better place. I remember the last time we talked and you wanted me to make sure that I told your dad that you loved him. You will always be in my heart.
14. Linda Miller
i feel very sad for the moseley family this father is a friend of mine and i know how much he loved chris and misses him they spent alot of time togather, chris was his baby...
15. Casey Moseley
my name is casey moseley and Chris was my brother. I still find it amazing that Tammie can turn a memorial to Chris into a story of all that had been done to her. My father did leave her, only after she refused to get help for her pill problem and would not get a job. Chris took her pills each time he took pills and she still would not get them fully out of the house. It is a pitty party for Tammie while she sits and blames others for her son dying on her pills, in her house, under her care.
16. Jared Burnett
Christopher Dale Mosley, the guy who lived for today. The one guy nobody could ever hate. The guy you wished you were. The guy we all skate for. The guy that always made you laugh. The guy that would try anything once. The guy who always put a smile on your face. The guy who left this world in peace. The guy we will skate with in heaven. The guy who is smiling down upon us. The guy who we will never forget. R.I.P. Christopher Dale Mosley.
17. Slade Bishop
I am very sorry for how things have been for you lately. We in Maummelle all still miss him so very much. We talk about him all the time. He has not been forgoten here. Sometime I will be skating all of our old spots and will just start having flash backs of the good times. I remember when I would be at your house more than my own. We would just sit in that room on the computer and talk about skating or Mike's new girlfriend. He was my best friend and we all miss him so best friend
18. Kelsey Foster
I did not know Chris that well, but from what I hear he was grand. I am very sorry for your loss Ms. Moseley, and I hope everything turns out alright. I know it must be terrible for you, but I will pray for you and Chris. Me and chris went to school together for two years. He always seemed to be quiet. I know he was a good kid and I hope you are doing well. My deepest sympathies.
19. Angela Dallas' Mom
Tammie, I feel the loss of your son. I lost my beautiful son Dallas July 12 2007. I want to thank you for sharing Christopher's story. I know it's hard, so hard. None of these kids deserved what happened to them. And we didn't deserve to loose them. Christopher was beautiful and so young. I am so very sorry. Please know you are not alone. Reach out to any of us here at anytime. I will keep you in my thoughts, I send you thoughts of peace...Angela
20. Elaine Davids Mama
Tammie, I am so sorry for your loss. What a handsome young man. Life somtimes hands out terrible stuff. I wish I had something to offer that could make you feel better. My son David died on 09/06 from a deadly drug combo so I know how you feel. The Lord Jesus also knows how we feel & is the only one who can offer real hope.I hope your health problems get better and you find a way to turn your tragedy into triumph.Tell your story often as you can so people will know drugs can kill.Peace!Phil