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In memory of Jake

Created by Family Of Jake


i met jake at a adolescents show in san diego.The next day we went to the beach and i was trying to explain to him how i got sober off of crystal....[being sober sucks]we were talking about life in general.I knew he was a heroine addict but he turned out to be my best friend.Whenever i got to la i would call him first.....we went to many punk shows together,THe last time i saw him was at a GBH show in hollywood.I missed the show like a dummy.A couple months before he gave me this tatoo of DI. [my first punk band i liked] so a couple of months went by and one of my friends called me and she told me jake was dead.......I never cried so much in my life.....I thought if i called him he would tell me its a rumor....... i suffered so much in my life when jake died.He died with a sandwich in his hand.I guess he got some bad heroine and it killed him.[okay i dont know the hole storey]Than i started to do more drugs....i went to jail than to prison.....big deal.....i got sober 4 years ago and a couple of months ago i met this one guy and asked me if i wanted to do heroin..i just laughed...are you fucken nuts?and i was proud of myself......heck i only started to smoke pot.....hahahah. not many people now how to deal with a tragic loss like i went threw...its been 13 years and i think of him all the time. its hard...

This Memorial was created to commemorate a loved one's life and to let other families know they can turn to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids for help when struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page to increase awareness of substance use disorders and to provide hope and healing for others.

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