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In memory of Jamie Marlow

Created by Family Of Jamie Marlow

Jamie Marlow

Jamie was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen. I'd known who he was for years because he was a couple of years older than me and all the little teenage girls were in love with him. He hadn't noticed me yet but I definately had my eye on him for a few years. We met by chance when I called back a pay phone number and he answered. We fell in love that same night. I once heard him tell his friend, "Did I ever tell you how I met that girl?" Annoyed his friend replied, "Yes Jamie, you've told me." He said, "Well, I'm gonna tell you again. I met her on the corner market pay phone. I pulled in to make a call and the phone rang so I answered it and it was her. I talked her into coming out to meet me. I talked to her and I liked her but before the night was over, I loved her. She's got the best personality of any girl I've ever met." I felt the same way about him. We had a whirlwind relationship that didn't last long. We were crazy in love, but we both partied all the time. I got pregnant and the only reason I didn't go with them the night he died was because I didn't know how to tell him yet. I wrote a little poem about it it goes: They said we were wild, they called us two young fools, they were probably right be we had fun breaking all those rules didn't we? Like driving way too fast in your little red car, with my heart full of love and my eyes filled with stars. You were a wonder to me and you will always be in my heart. How I miss those summer nights, just sitting on your hood with the radio, a marlboro and a six pack of bud, we knew the rest of our lives, lay just out ahead and we were making the most of the moment. Somehow it turned out, your life wasn't so long. One night I missed the party and my baby was gone. I guess that some would say, I've never been the same. Ever since that night when you left me. All I know is that Jamie andthree other boys went to a party. They were told that it was ok to get drunk because the girl having the party's mom wouldn't be home til' morning and they could spend the night. Somewhere along the line after they'd gotten drunk, she asked them to leave becauseshe was afraid her mom was coming. There's been some speculation and I won't accuse anyone, I know there was a race involved and the boy who was supposed to be driving the othercar onceadmitted to me that he'd talked to Jamie just a few minutes before the wreck and Jamie "wasn't that drunk." Something happened though and they went off the road. The spedometer stopped at 72mph. They hit a tree and three of them died. RIP Jamie Ray Marlow age 20, Will Bolton age 23 and, Shawn Osborne 18. I know that Jamie was driving and was killed instantly. Will was in the back seat and went through the windshield. Shawn was sitting in the front passenger seat and he didn't have a scratch on him. It took them two hours to gethim out of the car though.Mainly because Jamie was pinned in and hanging out the open door and there was a crowd. No one wanted to pull the car out in front of his family.When they got Shawn out,a friend of mine who is an EMT told me that he said that he knew that Jamie andWill were dead. That he knew the other boy was probably gonna die and he apologized for causing all the trouble and making everyone comeout so late at night. He cried out for his mother, started praying and died from internal injuries. It's terrible what it does to the people left behind. I don't mean to be so graphic but people should know how it really feels to lose someone in such a horrible way. I just rememberlooking at that car with theroof cut off and the windshield laying on the hood, brown with blood. I remember Jamie's door pried openwithhis life bled out all over it. I remember the steering wheel laying there in that bloody seat because they'd had to cut it out to get hislittle mangled legs loose. I remember Shawn's side of the car that looked like nothing had even happened except for the glove box door being torn off. These are the things thatare seared into my memory that I want more than anything to forget andcan't. I loved Jamie so muchbut we never thoughtin doing all that partying and drinking behind thewheel that we could die. I've wished a thousand times that I'd just been with him because I've never been happy again. Twelve years and I still cry everyday. Please think before you drink and drive. If you don't care about yourself, at least think of the ones who love you.

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Guest Book


1. Michel Townsend
I am so sorry for your loss. I just lost my son three months ago, Tyler Townsend. People say it gets better, I dont believe that for a minute. There are no words anyone can say to you or I that will make us feel better. You are a young woman. I pray God will shine his light to show you the path he has for you. You can not spend your life living in the "What if's". My first loss to my hubby 6 yrs ago and YOU must go on. Please email me - I feel like I might can help- Gods- Love - michel
2. Mary Jo Alessio
I am deeply moved by your story and your loss. You truly never do get over it completely. It has been two years since my son has been gone, and I still feel as if I am walking through a dream. I am sorry that you have known such pain. Mary Jo , Mom of Ephraim
3. Taylor Private Last Name
I am so sorry for wat happened to Jamie. I do not know what it is like to lose anyone like that, but you and the rest of Jamie's family will be in my prayers.
4. Kim Swanson
I am so sorry for your loss. It must take a lot of courage to do what you have done.