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In memory of Lynsey Schildmeier

Created by Family Of Lynsey Schildmeier

Lynsey Schildmeier

Hi! My name is Liz Kelly and I have a story to tell. My cousins and I grew up as sisters and best friends. We did more than just the holiday gatherings. We went camping, to theme parks, and just were together all the time. Last month, someone took one of our lives. My cousin, Lynsey Schildmeier, was murdered April 19, 2006. We know that it all started because of a drug disagreement. Someone was using to much of cocaine and the fighting began. Two lives were lost: Joshua Summit and my cousin, Lynsey. The family of the man who did this is an amazing, loving, church-going family. The man grew up in a nice house, and was taught good values. Drug use, however, changed everything. Now, two people are dead and one is in prison for life. My family is well-known and we never expected this to happen. Lynsey started hanging with the wrong people and started doing drugs and it led to her all to soon death. I hope this story will open the eyes to teens and adults the same. Don't think it won't happen to you because that's what my family thought and now the family has a hole. Please, please, if you or someone you know is doing drugs, get help. It's not worth it. If not for you, then for your family. My family has been destroyed and I would never wish it upon anyone. Please think about it.

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