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In memory of Alyssa Dysarczyk

Created by Family Of Alyssa Dysarczyk

Alyssa Dysarczyk

My daughter Aly passed away at 19 years and 10 days old. She was our miracle baby.
You see, we had three premature babies before her, and she finally came to us after 10 years of being married. She was of course our pride and incredible joy. She loved her family and wanted to be a nurse.
Aly decided to stay home instead of living away on campus because she couldn't imagine commuting home to visit her parents, her grandma, her old dog Dice and her friends. We were so happy because we thought we could protect her more at home away from the dangers of college freshman binging and drugs.
Aly had many friends that we considered second children. She also picked friends that she thought needed her. We always told her she had big angel wings that she wrapped around people. She was so forgiving and nonjudgmental.
What a kid, she was great. There were no worries on our part. She was grounded and wonderful, until she took on a relationship with her best friend's sister who was on pain killers and anxiety drugs. Somehow she was offered these drugs and swept into experimenting with them and along with drinking. She was not able to survive the fatal combination.
My life will never be the same. But one thing Aly always told me was that she didn't want to "die for nothing." Pretty brave I thought, and so I am hoping to live Aly's legacy out for her by sharing her story.
Teenagers think they are invincible and they need to know, even if they don't seem like they are listening, that RX drugs are just as lethal as illegal drugs. We could not have saved her from this friend, because she would have adamantly protected her - with her angel wings. So, I am hoping to share this story with others in hopes of saving one life or more.
With tears, I miss Aly deeply. And with hope, I pray that other "mom's and dad's babies" can be saved.

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so sorry for your loss.
2. Sandra Marczewski
I read the article in the Oakland Press today and was so sad to hear about Alyssa. I remember her in Kindergarten as a beautiful happy child. I know how much you love Alyssa and I am so sad that this happened to such a wonderful family. I remember how caring Alyssa was and how much she enjoyed life. You are in my prayers. Sandy Marczewski - Alyssa's Kindergarten Teacher
3. God Mom
Sweet Aly Angel- today your legacy continued in the courtroom. Your Mom and Dad spoke of you and your sweetness and your goodness. I know you were with them giving them strength. And you will continue to give them strength as they shout your message loud and clear. Love you always, sweet Goddaughter....
4. God Mom D
My beautiful Alyssa - your lifetime of sweetness, laughter and goodness will ALWAYS overshadow the last night of your life on earth. You live on right here in my heart-Forever and Always Lovely Goddaughter.
5. Megan Kosiba
Aly, you were my cousin, my best friend, and my sister. You were one of the people who put their angel wings around me when I needed it most and I can still feel them with you gone. I pray, every night that Papa caught you while he was fishing in heaven. My heart goes out to you, your Mom, your Dad & our family. I miss you immensely <3
6. Sarah Dysarczyk
Aly, where do I begin? We were so close growning up and for some reason we drifted away, never the less I loved you with all my heart, my memories with you will never fade, but last forever! Not a day goes by where I don't think of you and how I wish I made the effort to be as close with you as I should have. You always had a smile on your face and I know that your making everyone in heaven Laugh just by hearing your laugh. I love you and miss you so much; w/all my love forever & ever- sarah
7. Nanette Cecil
Alykins - We miss you!!! I'm sure your looking down here thinking, I want to take all this hurt away. Being such a caring and wonderful person that you are, you have changed life as we know. But, leaving little traces of your spirit which many of us have witnessed, will slowly mend the heart. Till we meet again. xo
8. Don Roeske
Aly, I think about you, and your Mom and Dad every day. I know that you didn't think things would turn out like they did when you submitted to peer pressure and decided to experiment with prescription drugs. I know that you would have done things differently if you understood the consequences. You were a great person when you were with us on earth. I miss you and I will see you again one day. Love, Uncle Don
9. Sister Cousin
Growing up with Aly was an inspiration to everyone that was around her. Always looking to make peoples lives better. There is no doubt in my mind that she will forever continue to help and encourage others to make the best of their lives. I love you forever. You are with me every step I take...
10. Debra Reagan Clint's Mom
Darlene, I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful and precious Alyssa. These young people are sensitive, trusting and loving. They come from caring families. Our children will be missed beyond measure. Gentle Hugs, Debra Reagan
11. John Kelly Sean Patricks Dad
Darlene - My heart breaks every time I visit this page because of all the new young beautiful people that are added. Your Aly is a beautiful young lady and yes you will miss her, but by sharing your story maybe just one person will get the nudge they need to stop and seek guidance. You, Aly and your family are im my prayers. Peace and love.
12. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Darlene, Thank you for sharing Alyssa's story. I am so deeply sorry. We would never see ourselves here. Not in our most terrible dreams. I am sorry that your daughter's name is here now. I wish you peace. Whatever peace you may find. My heart goes out to you and your family.