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In memory of Sean Michael Busa

Created by Family Of Sean Michael Busa

Sean Michael Busa

The other side of meth – a victim's story. Sean was born in Massachusetts in January of 1971. His “Irish Twin”, 10 month old sister, Kristan, welcomed him into the family. They were the best of buddies and co-conspirators at a very young age. What one wouldn't think of doing the other would. What took their dad and I hours to put together on Christmas Eve would be disassembled by Christmas morning. Curiosity and a desire to “fix things” kept mom and dad quite busy. A divorce and remarriage brought the family to Oregon in 1977. Sean was introduced to ice hockey at a very young age. Being from Massachusetts, his favorite team was the Boston Bruins. Though we moved to Oregon when he was 6, Sean's loyalty to his team never faded. Playing hockey himself gave Sean a respect for the grueling practices and at times heart breaking losses of their games. In 1982, with an eleven year age difference, Sister Kelly joined the family. Kelly idolized big brother Sean and big sister Kris. Unfortunately, a short time later life started to unravel for the family. The eventual divorce and adolescence became a struggle for Sean. His day to day routine was without structure. He hated school and I discovered he had been writing his own excuses for absent time, tardiness and early dismissal. At 17 ½ Sean was a troubled young man. He dropped out of high school, but found his legs once he joined the United States Navy. This was the same year I married his step-father, Ray, a sailor himself. Enlisting and being a part of the Navy was something Sean took great pride in up until the time of his death. Sean served during the Gulf War and worked security in the Panama West Pack. Sean returned home in 1992. His experience in the Navy allowed him to grow as a person. He was a joy - considerate, respectful and funny – so very funny! Sean's sense of humor is something people speak of often. He loved to laugh and he loved to make other people laugh – even at his own expense. The next step for Sean was finding a career. He became an apprentice plumber, following his proud step-dad's footsteps. Ray had been a part of Sean's life for over 20 years and he was happy to have Sean on board in the ‘trades'. Although welding pipes and turning wrenches wasn't Sean's ultimate goal in life he used the opportunity to his advantage. Along with his salary and veteran's benefits Sean was able to purchase a small house in Cornelius, Oregon, which is about a 20 minute ride from our family home. Sean was very proud of this accomplishment. In August of 1996 Sean married the love of his life –- a cute little spitfire named Tawnie, who he met on a work site. At 5'2” tall she wore a tool belt around her waist that could have made the average man sluggish. Although life was hectic for the young couple they were overjoyed they would soon be giving Tawnie's son, Matthew (age 3) a brother or sister. In September of 1997, Michael David Busa arrived. Life would never be the same in the little house in Cornelius. Mom and Dad were proud parents but struggled with the rigors of everyday life. Sean worked days while finishing his plumbing classes and Tawnie worked nights. Sean had joined the Naval Reserve. The family had little time together and it wore them down. After 2 ½ years the marriage dissolved. Since Sean purchased the house before the marriage he was able to maintain possession. Sean and Tawnie worked out a schedule to share custody of Michael. Sean picked Michael up at day care on Wednesday afternoons and they would be together until Sunday evening. The routine worked for them. Michael knew where he would be on each day of the week. It was a very structured environment – one that Michael understood and depended on. Wednesday night was the beginning of his time with dad. This went on for 3 years. THE ATTACK: Wednesday, April 9, 2003 Sean took a couple of days off from work. At this time he worked for a company that provided a truck for his job. A coworker called him and wanted to borrow it – so Sean said that this would be fine since he wasn't working and he would drive his own car instead. He spent the day golfing with a friend and then picked Michael up from daycare and went back to their house. They spoke to Kris, Sean's sister, about what they were up to that day and what they were going to have for dinner that night. This was the last conversation anyone from our family had with Sean. Sean and Michael went to bed. Later that night, dressed in all black, Andrew Gordon, a 17 ½ year old meth addict, entered their home through a back door. Though Sean slept soundly and Andrew Gordon could have walked out, he didn't. Instead, Gordon picked up a hockey stick and/or a golf club and went to my son, Sean's bedroom and attacked. An intense struggle ensued and went from room to room. At some point Michael awoke and started screaming. Gordon made his way to Michael's room to “shut him up”, as Gordon stated in his confession. The same weapons that had been used on Sean (hockey stick, golf club, scissors, an awl and a screwdriver) were used to attack Michael. Thinking they were both dead in Michael's bedroom, Gordon went about his task of stealing things to get money for his next high and left. Because Sean had taken time off from work, no one realized that anything was wrong. Sean and Michael were not found until 14 hours later the next afternoon at 2:30pm.The coworker, also a friend of Sean's, who had borrowed Sean's truck wanted to return it and after several unanswered phone calls decided to stop by the house. After ringing the door bell he heard Michael, in a very soft voice say “come in”. The front door was unlocked and as he opened the door, what was before him was a horrific scene. Blood was everywhere and the little boy on the couch was unrecognizable. Sean was dead on the dining room floor. The lead detective in the case is quoted as saying “Sean fought valiantly to save his son” and “this is one of the worst cases I've investigated in my 14 years as a homicide detective”. THE ACCOUNTABLILTY: On April 22nd, Andrew Gordon was arrested. His friends had come forward stating the day Sean was discovered, they were playing basketball with Andrew Gordon near Sean's home and as the helicopters flew overhead Andrew Gordon commented to his friends that he had helped create that scene. Gordon confessed to the crime and admitted several times that he used meth and was high at the time he killed Sean. He said “if it weren't for meth, none of this would have ever happened”. His intent was to rob the house, take and sell whatever he could for money to buy more drugs. Even after he killed Sean, he didn't leave the scene of the crime; he finished obtaining small items from the house. For Sean's life, Andrew Gordon was able to take about $50 worth of ‘stuff'. The family was spared the ordeal of a trial. Andrew Gordon entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to 55 years in prison with no chance of an appeal. He will be 73 at the end of his time served. THE AFTERMATH: Small for his age at 42” tall and 38 pounds, Michael's face was a mask of purple bruises. More than 40 staples closed the deep gashes that crisscrossed the crown and back of his head. His ear was slashed and gouges puffed his eyes shut. Michael's jaw and left ring finger were broken. Cuts ran down the sides of his neck and a hole punctured his chest. Michael lost half of his blood, falling in and out of consciousness while his Dad lay dead. Michael has healed from his physical injuries but the emotional scars run deep. He tends to withdraw at times and hides inside of himself. There is no way of predicting when, what or where something will trigger a flashback. Michael continues his visits with a counselor on a regular basis. For the most part Michael does well. He interacts with others and is a compassionate and caring child who is wise beyond his years. Michael misses doing things with his dad. Things such as: roller skating, coloring, playing with Lego's, going to the movies and going out to lunch or dinner. Michael still does all those things but it isn't the same. It will never be the same. After 3+ years, Wednesday nights are still particularly difficult for him. The pain we feel over losing Sean and knowing the horrific way he died is a pain beyond measure. We often hear addicts' stories – how they are affected by using meth or how their family and friends were affected by their drug use. However, we don't hear much about how the drug problem affects innocent people. My son, Sean, had nothing to do with methamphetamine, but yet he lost his life because of it. I would like to bring awareness to this side of the drug issue. I want to educate kids on what not to become and educate parents so that they won't become the mother or father of an addict who engages in criminal activity to get his or her next high. We never thought this could happen to us, but this drug does affect ordinary people. Sean fought to his death to protect his son from a madman high on meth.

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Guest Book


1. Rich Ludlow
Sean, I'll never forget you keeping me up way too late on the eve of my wedding and heading out to the Original Hotcake House at 3am (bad idea). I'm glad I got to hang out with you after the Navy, but the times we had on the ship were the best. You were so gung-ho and I could never tell if it was sarcasm or genuine. You played that for all it was worth. There's a lot of shipmates that will remember you forever. It's been a while, but I was checking out the Waddell website today and thought of you. You'll always be unforgettable and missed.
2. Craig
Thinking of you today. The way you made me laugh. The day you told me you had joined the Navy to make something of your life. Miss you.
3. Craig M
I grew up in the cul-de-sac on fawn street I was a senior in High School in 2003 Andrew used to bully me on the way home from Echo Shaw Elementary in the early 90's
4. Julie
I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your story with our community.
5. Tawnie Michaels Mom
Happy Fathers Day - Sean. What a father you were! All who knew you will contest to that. You are so missed. I THANK YOU for our beautiful and loving son. He is so special. With the greatest love and admiration, I miss you..........
6. Pam Richardson
I am taking a class online way up here in Northern NY. I have never heard the story about your son until now. I am so sorry to hear of your loss I have two sons and I can not imagine life without them. The pain you must have is unimaginable. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
7. Sandi Holt
I remember the way your bangs hung over your eyes. Your glance. I always WONDERED about you. You were so mysterious. You were always so in control of who you were. Every year, since I last saw you, I have wanted to tell you that I love you, and that I miss you. I will always remember your laugh, your smile, your eyes, and your Popeye impersonation! You will always be special to me. I love you. I miss you.
8. Erika Lund
I want to thank you for telling Sean's story. I am sorry that there is suffering on this Earth, and I am one who lives to bring positive change to this troubled little blue planet. I was almost killed by someone who had gone mad on meth, and I am lucky to have escaped. I always ask, for me and for you, why? Do the good inevitably attract the bad? I don't know...but I am grateful for Sean, and I know his spirit is strong, and he teaches how to live better. All my love to you and your family!
9. Joaquin Fenollar
Sean is now in a better place, and for sure he will be missed. This history will inspire many of the students I work with (Prevention Specialist), in Utah. After learning about consecuences of drugs, I pray that students may be wise and fight and reject the poison of drugs throughout their lives. God Bless you, Michael and family. Your dad's passing will not be in vain. Many lives will be inspired for good and who knows how many will be saved. Joaquin Fenollar
10. Ray Hall
Hey, I am always thinking about you. I sure could use a good plumber around here. My whole crew is gone. Your best friend Gary passed away. Maybe you two are together out there doing all those crazy things you use to do. Just thought I would say hi. Love, Pops
11. Tina Regonini
Hi Cuz! You are still missed so much. Our whole family is missing a little piece of themselves. I wish I could give you a big hug. My love & thoughts are with the whole family. XOXO
12. Matt Couzens
I am doing a project about meth and I read this story and I feel so bad. This gives the story of a victim, not somebody who used it. As we can all see, meth effects everybody- not just the people that use it.
13. Giovanna Caudiello to smile back at you as a walk down the aisle this Aug. Although I know you will be there in spirit, because you know my dad is going to need you there. Also, I will see you in Michael as he walks me down. Don't forget I became a mommy this year. Yes, I have my own little Michael. How many time I came over to take care of him. I sure hope I am ½ the parents you and Tawnie are to Michael. I miss you so much, life seems like I??m missing something without my uncle. I think of you ofte
14. Giovanna Caudiello
Dear Sean....well as the 5th year passes I still find myself missing you so so much! I love you more then words could ever say. So much has happened since you were taken. Remembering the last day I saw you standing in my kitchen on April 7th laughing. Remember you telling me I was crazy for getting my tattoo. As the night passed all I could hear was you and my dad laughing watching Farwell to Cher, (how many times do we have to say bye to her, lol) Man it hurts so bad to know I wont be...
15. Maureen Hall
On this five year anniversary, I struggle with my emotions. I miss you and my heart aches but in watching the video of your service tonight Charlie's words echo in my mind- "What legacy will you leave? Will it be a legacy of destruction or a legacy of love and happiness? Sean has left a legacy of love". I will let Charlie's words and your spirit guide me during these most difficult days. I hope you are still skating- the Bruins made it to the playoffs!! Love to you, my son-
16. Kelly Busa
Brother you were taken from us far too soon. I would give anything to have "one more" with you. One more shared laugh, one more hug, one more movie night at your house, one more breakfast to catch up on things and the list could go on and on. I have yet to figure out how exactly I am supposed to "move on" when you were a constant in my life from the day I was born. I cherish the memories I have and I only wish I could tell you how much you mean to me one more time.
17. Holly Graham
Thank you so much for your story, I am very sorry for your loss. I wish you the best and may god be with the family and Sean forever.
18. Astra Miles
This is to the family. I'm so sorry that this has happened to your child and grandson. This is the first story I have ever read where meth has taken a life of someone that has never done the drug. I have 6 children of my own. I want to share this with them. I'm so glad that you have faith and god's love to go on with. Let your son's memory open the eyes of people in the world. It opened mine. There are no words I could express to you in the life you have to take away the pain from one meth user.
19. Daniel Grayson
My best golf shot ever was with you Sean and i wish i wish i wish we had played a few more.... MUCH LOVE
20. Donna Ott
I saw "In loving memory of" in the Obituary section of newspaper today (1/23/08). After I read, "Knowing your final moments were also your finest..." I did a Google search to find out what Sean had done. I was filled with sadness for Sean, and for Michael. I will pray for the healing of Michael's heart and soul, and that Sean's memory will live on in the hearts of those who loved him then, and now. May they be blessed by the God of all Comfort and Peace.
22. Leslie Aguirre
Wow , I had my daughter read this. She is only 14 years old, but I want her to know the effects of drugs . My most deepest symphaty for Sean's family and to Michael God Bless You and stay strong
23. Shanna Arias
I just came across your story as I am working. I am a recovering addict of herion. I have been clean and sober for twenty years now. I was able to obtain my counseling degree, BSW and MSW. I work with these addicts everyday. Meth is a horrible thing and it destroys many peoples lives. I am so sorry for your loss. Your son sounds like he was a wonderful person who loved life, but most importantly his son! I have three children and to imagine anyone attacking my child, I would give my life too!!
24. Nancy Walter
Words cannot express the emotions I experienced from reading Sean's story. I am so sorry for the family and the children. And, I am so sorry for all the lives that drug use negatively effects. God can only comfort those who mourn. Grief is a personal journey.
25. Jessica Guillermo
Well reading this story really touched me. It is really horrible what Meth can do to you, and still people do it! Poor little michael and their family. I know this pain can never be forgotten.
26. Jessica Camic
How beautiful your life was before it was taken. I pray for your family, as well as your adorable boy. God will take care of your family as he has/will take care of the person who killed you. God Bless your family and friends as they go on with their lives. Love in the Lord. Jessica
27. Michael Lindberg
Sean, although I did not know you, your tragic story brought me to tears. I used to work at Courtesy Ford, and I organized a fundraiser for Michael. We bought an outside play center, and I built it myself. I hope Michael enjoyed it as much as I did. From one father to another, may you rest in peace. Mike Lindberg
28. Serge Newberry
Sean, You were my friend from around the corner whom I grew up with. You were always a loyal friend. I just recently learned of your tragic death and the miraculous survival of your son. Fond memories of summer fort building in the forest by the creek and Boston Creme sandwiches remind me of you. You were loved by friends and family. May God bless you for the good you did in your life, and heroic defense of your son and your loved ones left behind. Your childhood friend, Serge Newberry.
29. Summer Smith
WOW. This is a very tragic story. While I was reading this my eyes teared up more than once. My heart goes out to you & your family. I am really sorry this happened.
30. Ronald McGee
What a terrible thing to happen to your family. My heart and prayers go to Sean's family. I have a wonderful six year old daughter, and I am terrified of the thought of my little girl being caught up in this devastation. Meth is a killer.
31. Alicia Pedersen
This story touched me in a way that I cannot explain. I have not personally been affected by drugs, and I realize that me writing this does not help in any way. I did sit here and cry at my desk. I will be thinking of you and your family for a long time to come
32. Hunter Thomas
"Divine truth always has met and always will meet every human need"(Marry Baker Eddy). If you need help or a bit of truth, look up science and health with key to the scriptures by Marry Baker Eddy. It will help. You can also look for Christian Science at I am very sorry.
33. Dawn Casey
I was addicted to Meth in my early twenties. I started experimenting with anything I could get my hands on in Highschool. When I was 23 a friend got me a job in the paging industry. Every person in the office (including the owner and manager) did Meth. I think I was hooked for about 3 months. Meth was all I cared about. On 12/29/95 my boyfriend and I had a big fight. He had never used Meth until that day. My roomate had laid a line out for me but my boyfriend took it instead.
34. Melinda Green
This shows how Meth can touch anyone in so many ways. My close friend who seemed to be the most unlikely to fall into the pits of this addiction lost everything. She was a doctor. Who would think someone in the medical field would become involved in Meth use. Just like Sean and his family who were innocent victims, she was not someone you would think would be affected by Meth because of her medical education. As we now know, Meth doesn't discriminate. You are all in my prayers.
35. Mae Maurer
I am the mom to 10 children-7 adopted! It is a constant conversation in our home to educate our kids about the dangers of Meth. I was ridiculed a few years back when I took my then 14, 12, and 11 yr old sons to a Meth speaker. People said the info showed was too graphic for their ages. Well Sean's story only supports my claim that Meth shows no regard to age! Poor Michael to be so young and suffer the loss of his dad. God watch over the good dad, Sean who died protecting his son from Meth!
36. Autum Carter
This story touched my heart and torn me up in side. I was a meth addict at one time in my life. I have now been clean for 2 years. Everyone is always concerned with the addicts and their families, but no one ever seems to think about the innocent people that addicts hurt to get that high. My heart goes out to the Busa Family. And to little Micheal, I know that this is something that will be with him for the rest of his life. May God bless you guys!!!
37. Jason C
I knew Sean long ago, attending the same middle school. I don't remember how I stumbled upon this a year or so ago after, but it hit me hard and is something I hadn't forgot. I learned tonight my 8th grade daughter watch a movie today in school about this very story, and felt something I can only describe as "good" that he and the importance of preventing this kind of tragedy are being taught, and remembered.
38. Maureen Hall
I hear your laughter and I imagine your tears. my struggle with your loss is now a way of life for me.I will try to find some sense of peace in knowing that your final moments were also your finest. your star shines down on all of us. with love to you my son. Gus
39. Kim George
I stumbled upon this after reading about how Meth damages the brain. This very sad event that happened to this loving family just breaks my heart. My wish is for his little boy to have all the love his little heart can take, always. I know he has this love after seeing and hearing his family. May all of you who were affected by this horrible murder be strengthened in knowing that others have shed tears over this, and we did not even know him. We weep for you and your loss.
40. Jill Akers
I am a recovering meth addict. I embarrassed after reading this to admit this. This story brought tears to my eye's. Another confirmation as to why i need to be sober. I thank you for sharing Sean's story. And i thank you again!!
41. Joe Storm
I had the priviledge of knowing Sean during my youth. I think a lot about the awful day I learned of his tragic death. My heart goes out the Busa family and I pray that God will show grace and healing to little Michael. Young man, know this, your father was a great person who made many of us laugh during our adolescent days. You should and i know you will be very proud to be Sean's little boy. May God Richly Bless you all of your days.
42. Bill White
Yes,another tribute from me. When I read the story of Sean's attack and heard how it went from room to room, I knew that Sean had fought hard. He was a peaceful guy until he got riled, then he was in your face, all 5'6" of him. Didn't matter how big you were, he was there. What a coward it took to get him while he slept, because, you know, if he had been awake, the 6' assailant would have been screaming as Sean defended his son with a fury. We will miss his compassion and love of life.
43. Bill White
I met Sean in the Navy,and we were friends from the 1st day we met. The last time I saw him was on my wedding day. I never said "goodbye" because I always thought I would see him again. I will see him again, it will just take a little longer than I thought.For knowing him just a year or so, I felt he was the best friend a guy could have. I am so very sorry for our loss. I am so very sorry we never listened to "Frampton comes alive" together again. I can't wait to see hi
44. Grandpa Don Sutton
I did not have the privilege of knowing Sean, but I am honored to know his Mom. Wow, every time I think of this tragedy I cry! This meth problem is really not getting better, it is getting worse. Bless you Mom and the rest of your family for being so strong and sharing your story to help others see the seriousness of this Epidemic. I must stop now as tear's are dripping on my keyboard. Love,
45. MOMof Threeyearold
Words cannot express the pain I feel for you and your family, especially little Michael. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it will help someone else affected by substance abuse. God bless you, Michael. My love and prayers are with you.
46. Tiac Eastman
To seans family .so sorry for the lose of sean and what his son is feel and what he is dealing with.No child should have to deal with some thing like this.I lost my dad almond l eastman to a guy that was high on meth.feb 25 a day that I will never for get. My dad was a cop two.May sean will be at peace. Ti eastman
47. Kelly Busa
Brother...words cannot express how deeply I miss you. I would give anything to be able to hug you again. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. "You are my brother, you are my friend, my bond with you will never end."
48. Skippy Mom
I have read through so many memorials on this site and was beginning to wonder at the denial inherent in all of them. I stumbled upon Sean's memorial and I sit here and weep. I am so, so very sorry for your loss and little Michael's loss. There are no words. I pray. For you. Big hugs from VA. I am so, so sorry.
49. Christina O'Brien
Sean, There are no words that can express the way that you were loved. I have many memeories with you, and all of them I will cherish forever. I do recall the one time when we went to play "pool" and you were teasing me because I was Driving a "Ford Escort " You said I didn't know how to drive a standard.... But then again you said You would teach me better than my dad.... Ya gotta know that Uncle Eddie knows best.... I Love You......Christina.......
50. Tina Regonini
Sean you were incredubly funny and loving. I know that you would do anything to help a familt mbr. I will never forget my first trip out to Oregon. You taught me how to knee board & we made fun of David because he couldn't get up. you are very missed and will never be forgotten. XOXOXOXOX your cuz Tina
51. Michelle Senda
Sean even though we didnt know each other to well, what your mother has told me.I know you were a great man.You must of taken after your mom.She is a great woman and a wonderfull friend. I love her,she is my best friend ever. She and Ray both are great people. And they Love you very much. Your Sisters too love you with all their hearts, you have the best family ever.
52. Tina Tolfree
My memories of Sean were from his younger days.A very cute and funny young boy.I would like to pay tribute to his wonderful parents Maureen and Ray who through their love,devotion and pride for their son made him the man he became and through their example a devoted father to Micheal. We hold you all in our hearts everyday.I know he walks by your side every step of the way.We hope that little Mikey turns out to be a fine man like his Daddy and Grandpa, with the love he is surrounded by he will.
53. Ray Hall
Hey Sean I miss you lots you were my son my friend and I really miss you calling me Pops. I often go vistit the boiler room were I saw you smile and laugh for last time I will always have that moment in my heart and mind forever.I only wish I could have been there to help you that night.I want you to know you are my hero and there is never a moment when I don't think about you and some how I know your beside me all the time.Love Pops
54. Ed O'Brien
I already knew you were a great person with a great sense of humor and heart. After reading this I've come to realize all this even more along with other things. You turned out to be a remarkable human being who we can be proud of. One of my last memories of you is York Beach Maine one summer. I still remember that joke about the cops and ambulance being at the store next to us because Gram robbed it :). We all love and miss you a lot! your cousin Eddie
55. Carol Rosenau
Although you were brutally taken from us, your legacy, your love of family&life, has helped us get by.The pain will never be gone. We choose to remember your gift of love, your humor & generous spirit.As you soar above us & continue to protect Michael,know we love & miss you. You're forever in our hearts. Love, Aunt Carol&Uncle Doug