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In memory of Patricia Rus

Created by Family Of Patricia Rus

Patricia Rus

My mom lived her life to help people who needed her. From meth to drinking to pills, she was constantly fighting her addictions. She lost the battle on 01/15/2010. She thought as long asthe pills were prescribed to her that it was OK to take them. Unfortunately,that helped totake her life. My mom never gave up on any of us. She brought my sisterto meeting after meeting, finally breaking through. Todaymy sisteris 8 years clean.She has a new son, and a second chance at life. This women was a mom, a grandmother, a great grandmother, a friend and so loved by so many people. I wish I could have just one last chance to tell her how loved she was. And how much we need her. But most of all, that I'm sorry. She was sick andI thought it was another attempt to replace the pills we took from her. I had no idea, that when she asked me to close the window so she wasn't cold, that I would return to find her cold as ice. And if she had seen her future, she may have stopped using years ago. Her granddaughter found her in her bed. Two of her granddaughters had birthdays 3 days later and one 9 days later. All of us had been fighting with her. We all said things we can't take back. But through it all I justHOPE she knew we loved her. I can say thatthe last year has past byso fast, it seems like just yesterday I got that call. I miss her today, I'll miss her tomorrowand I knowI'll miss her always. I wish I could answer the phone and hear her voice. My brother bought a house and my sister runs a sober living for females with children... It is called ~PATTY'S PLACE~ or ~JONES CIRCLE~.

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1. Julie
So sorry for your loss.