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In memory of Rusty Marvin

Created by Family Of Rusty Marvin

Rusty Marvin

Rusty was my son andI loved him very much. Unfortunately, I loved cocaine more. I was never able to realize a clean and sober life until he passed away. I always tried to do the very best for Rusty and his sister Hailey (who is 17 and doing very well.) But I am a drug addict and alcoholic and have been since my kids were born. I passed this awful disease onto my son -- he did not have a chance. I was blind in my own addiction and missed all the signs and was unable to save my own son from his addiction. I am fortunate to have had a son like Rusty; he was afathers dream. He was a natural born athlete and could play any sport to the highest level. I coached Rusty's football team forthree years. His 5th, 6th, and 7th grade teams. I was so proud of him -- he never quit or gave up on anything. A quality and trait I did not have until he died. Rusty never used foul language towards his family and never raised his hand or was disrespectful to us. Like I said, he was the perfect son. If you met Rusty you would have remembered him. Rustywas smart, charming, and very good looking. Always shook your hand like a man and looked you in the eye when he spoke with you. He was also avery spiritual person. He loved God very much. If you're reading this, you must be thinking, "What went wrong in Rusty's life?" He had it all -- including a drug and alcohol addiction. When Rusty first tried drugs he was hooked right from the beginning. He went into treatment for the second time on April 18, 2005. I went into treatment for the fourth time on May 8, 2005. He did really well in treatment and seemed to be doing ok. Rusty lasted 89 days clean before he tried cocaine for the last time. On July 7, 2005 I went into my garage to start my bike for work and found Rusty dead on the floor. He died from an accidental cocaine overdose. I can not describe the agony and pain I felt and still feel to this day. My son died from my addiction. He was special, hewas going to be somebody -- he was going to make a difference in the world. God took him on that fateful day and Rusty is a drug addict no more. He is in peace and love with his maker. As a result of Rusty's death we started a teen and young adult drug and alcohol support group called Rusty's House. To this date we have helped numerous families guide there kids into rehab and help the parents get through the awful grip of teenage addiction. Rusty is making a difference in the world - he is somebody. My son, who I love and cherish and I am so grateful that I had 18 years of my life spent with, was someone so special. My son. Rusty James Marvin.

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Guest Book


1. Jacob Ullum
Rusty, I remember you buddy. You were a great friend whom I could tell anything to. I loved the kid to death and still know he is making a difference. I am proud of his parents Amy and Rick. They are making such a remarkable contribution to everyone. I love you guys and hope everything is going well. God Bless.
2. Lindsey Fitzgerald
R.I.P. Rusty, I know how it is when someone dies in your family. It is hard for you because you miss them all the time, but you have to know that they see you all the time. But you can't see at all.
3. Diane Spriggs
God Bless you for what you are doing in your son's memory. You are very special people and our prayers are with you. We belong to a motorcycle ministry called the Heaven's Saints. We are both recovering addicts, mine was alcohol and my husband was alcohol and drugs. By the grace of God we have been clean for five years. God has a plan for all of us. He has put you where you belong. Again...God Bless you.
4. Christina Swartz
Rusty was my cousin along with Amy. Honestly, I wish I was alot closer to him b/c the path he decided to follow was not the right path. I didn't and I felt like maybe I could have helped it! The only times we got to see each other was when we were younger at family get togethers and when he passed. I was nine hours away and I could not come up there. Now with the link to that side of the family being gone, I still feel fortunate to be family with him.
5. Denise Digby
Happy Thanksgiving Rusty We miss you!! Love Denise & Davey Digby
6. Esther Johnson
Rick & Amy, Thanks so much for being there for me and my son in our time(s) of need. I don't know what we would have done without you. I am sorry you did not have the help we get from you. Much love and many blessings to you two & Haley & Rusty up in heaven.
7. Gretchen Pipoly
I never met Rusty in person. I sat by him in a meeting a time or two, but we never talked. Rusty died during the short period of time when I tried to get sober the first time. Although I didn't know him personally, his death shook me to the core. However, it wasn't enough to keep me sober which proves to me how truly sick I had become. Rusty, I have been sober 6 months now, and think of you every day in my journey of sobriety. Through you and Rusty's House (and Rick of course), you saved my life
8. Debra Reagan
Rick, Thank you for visiting Clint's site, but most of all thank you for all the work you are doing to fight drug abuse. Hugs, Debra Reagan
9. Gretchen Pipoly
Life. God bless, and thank you Rick and Rusty for everything you have done.
10. Stephanie Reams
I only knew you for five years, but you made an impression on me! You were the one that was always welcoming me to the family from the first time I met you! You gave me a hug and told me you were glad to see me every time I saw you. You are a wonderful person! Thanks for helping me feel welcomed in a new family and for being you! Fly high free bird!
11. Kyle Begley
Not a day of life has gone by since you passed, Rusty, that I have not thought about you. Nobody has contributed to my beliefs and my outlook on life more than you have. I love you man, and I will do anything I can to carry on your legacy. Thank you for each day you watch over me.
12. Catalina Godwin
I am so sorry for your pain. God chose him for a reason, but the promise is you will be reunited! I too have a 14 year old girl who is an alcoholic and I have her in treatment. I also want to help teens. All of her friends have been into drinking and drugging since 6th grade and the parents are oblivious or in denial that it is just a teenage stage. I live in Las Vegas and right now I am focused on my child's out patient treatment but I want to do something for the other children & parents.
13. Lauren Baumert
Rusty was one of the most amazing people I have ever met, and I will carry him in my heart always. I will never forget all of the caring things he did for me. He inspired me to be a better person. I will never ever forget Rusty. Thanks for all that you've done for my Rusty and for always watching over all of us and keeping us safe. We love you<3
14. Gopi Upamaka
Dear Rick, I never knew Rusty personally but in the last few months have felt his spirit. You and Amy, with Rusty's spirit and God's help, are doing a tremendous contribution for the young people in trouble. Thank you for being who you are. Lets fight together and I know we can achieve success in helping these kids and their parents. Keep strong.
15. Cindy Mclaren
My heart goes out to you and your family and I know your pain all to well. I also lost my son Timothy at 17. A pain no parent can ever prepare for or should have to endure. I kept waiting for my life to return to "normal" and had to learn that the normal I knew would never be again. I had to create a new normal, even if I wasn't up for this challange. There is that old saying that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - I struggled to understand this concept initially.
16. Pat Nichols
Thank you for sharing your story. I would like to know more about "Rusty's House" and the work you do for parents. We may have a similar, please go to Respectfully, Pat Nichols
17. Debbie Talaga
I am sorry for your pain and suffering. You and your son are awesome individuals. My son is struggling with finding himself without drugs. He is not always doing well. I feel like giving up at times but never will. I love him and know he holds promise. Thank you for your story.
18. Kris Hepfinger
Rusty my man, I know you are now free from addiction and happy. So many positive things have come out of such a tragic event. You have truly saved my life and so many others. Sometimes I ask why you? A young man who has never hurt anyone and did everything he could to do the right things? But I realize now its very true the good die young. Keep watching over me my brother because I've proven over and over again that I can't do this alone. I know your watching over me.*RIP*cya soon dude!Love Kris
19. Julio Gonzalez
I hope that your pain and suffering is healed.