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In memory of James

Created by Family Of James


My best friend James and me had been best buddies for 5 years (we are both 15) I had my first encounter with cocaine about 2 years ago when I was 13 and it completely changed my personality, but it changed it for the better(so everyone thought) every one though I had became this really really nice guy now but it wasn't like that I did it and I became afraid of everyone I was afraid of everything I would say would upset someone but that is a different story this one is about James, The best Guy i ever knew. James was 15 when he died and thats way to early he died just a week ago at his friends rickys house. one night me james ricky and tweak decided to go to our friend's halieys house and do some cocain I told james tweak and ricky that I would do coke though because I promissed my ex tiffany that i would never do it again(tiffany is an even longer story and this one is only about james)so we all went to haileys house had a few beers some weed and smoked a few cigs. then ricky pulled out the bag of cocaine and him and james started snorting the stuff down while me and tweak just enjoyed the weed, then tweak started doing the cocaine too and they started to get a little crasy and fight with each outher for no reason. I though they were playing cuz we were all friends, I was soo wronge, Ricky has had a bad hit james yelled and ricky stabbed james in the chest...james laid their and started to die while ricky was trying to kill me with the knife because some stupid drug lord didn't just give them cocaine they put rat poision and baby powder in the mix. That night james lost his life... and I almost lost mine, I ended up punching ricky in the face so hard to get him away from me with the knife that I cracked his noes and tweak.. well tweaks probably out their some where trying to forget that night because the look on james face when he died was somthing I know ill never forget, If anyone you know is doing cocaine... its not just the addction you should worrie about, its wheather or not its really cocaine their doing or somthing that will drive them to do insane things, Ricky is currently roaming around because we never told the cops about what happend and james mom just thinks he went missing, I know Ive messed up my life but please dont mess up yours if your around cocaine bad things will happen do let it ruin ur life like its still doing to mine.

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