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In memory of Corey Broxton

Created by Family Of Corey Broxton

Corey Broxton

It all started when my dad and Imoved to Chicago from Miamiwhen I was about 15. Living in the apartment next to mine was my soon to be best bro, Corey.
In Miami I was a heavy drug user by the age of 12 and my dad was a heavy drinker and crack user even though he was a very hard working man. I started out by using cocaine because my uncle was a large dealer of it in parts of south Miami. Though coke was always open to me, I prefered gettin' wet (dipping marijuana in PCP). Thats just some backround to my story.
So on my first day attending school in Chicago I walked out of my apartment building the same time as Corey and we pretty much looked alike --tan, long brown hair and green eyes and same casual style.We got to talking and found out we had alot of things in common -- not suprisingly the major thing was drugs, specifically PCPand cocaine. We started using and he showed me his hook-ups andI started finding my own and it led up to senior year when I got in a huge fight with my dad. I moved out with my saved up money (about 5,000 dollars) andCoreyand Imoved to north Chicago, rented an apartment and started selling again. Immediatley we we were off to a rough startwith no customers so we were on the streetswhen we ran into our buddy Chris who we knew in south Chicago was a methcook so we knew we came across a break and we told him we needed some help andChris said that he would follow along with us on how to make three batches but we buy the ingredients and he gets to keep a batch, now to a dope head like me and Corey thats a damn good offer so we accepted it. Now since Im a pretty big burnt out I dont totally remember the ingredients and extracments but our crystal meth had ether,lye and pseudoephedrine. But up to that point of timeCorey and Ihad only used meth about three times, I mean it was good n all but we preferred coke. Well a month had passes by and Corey and I were floatin in the mula because the meth thing was going well strangely enough were are customers which were party people, some college kids and suprisingly alot of gays. Not to mention we were definitely getting high on our own supply. finally a year passed by and we went into the new millenium Corey got a girlfriend and I was still messin around, plus we had saved up alot and moved into much bigger and nicer apartment. But that idnt matter because it just turned inyto another meth lab and at this point of time wewere full blown addicted, (now Coreys girlrfriend didnt know any of this)the crystal we usually smokedbut we had a big tolerance and started shooting up. Then trouble started Corey was delivering one night and running late while I was waiting for him at his girls apartment when right before that I smoked alot of bud and I started messing around with his girl (who Corey was in a major relationship with)and words got to action and I made the biggest mistake of my life because I felt like a slimeball afterwards and somehow Corey found out but I denied it because that was my only instinct(but Corey knew). So he moved in with his older brother who was a pretty good guy accept for his major use of pain killers which Corey got into big time after thatand started working at his brothers restraunt part time. Corey was really depressed and using pain releivers like candy and one day he got in a fight with a guy on a subway with when he was fucked up on xanax to get cash his check at the bank but the guy he got in an argument with stopped talking and moved away but Corey attacke4d him and the guy ended up having a gun and shooting him. Corey was then rushed to the hospital and died there 4 hours later at the age of 22. The shooter only got two years because of self deffense. At that time I was on the brink of a suicide rampage I stopped the meth shit and everything I just stayed in bed all day because I lost my only friend, I couldnt eat, sleep or think. I just cried a few years later I met a beautiful girl who got me through things. And we moved tosub urb near Seattle Washiongton my drug use has really lowered but I get into binges occasionally on weekends when I struggle with Coreys loss. Now my girl is my wonderful wife who is five years pregnant and I got a job as an accountant. Till this day I have not gotten over th death of my forever best friend Corey though I have learned to cope with it and my drems are to someday travel the world with my wife till we grow old.
This memorial is dedicated to my beloved blood brother Corey who will nevr escape my heart, R.I.P Corey Broxton 1980-2002 My companion my guardian angel.

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