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In memory of My baby brother Keith

Created by Family Of My Baby Brother Keith

My baby brother Keith

my baby brother paid the ultimate price fro making the wrong chose he life..................... he will be forever missed and never forgotten........... he died on a new day of a brand new year he had so much going for him he should have never died he wa only 20 years old a second year collage student a frat memeber he was a smart fun loving man, the sad thing is he really never used all that much he just mad the wrong chose that night and hes bobdy couldnt take it so please if your reading this and your addictedto drugs please think of my brother, the next time you use because no one is on touchable it can happen to any one i love you keith and i will never forget you, i will make sure i tell my story a hundred times if i half to Lisa

This Memorial was created to commemorate a loved one's life and to let other families know they can turn to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids for help when struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page to increase awareness of substance use disorders and to provide hope and healing for others.

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