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In memory of Andrew Seth Hudson

Created by Family Of Andrew Seth Hudson

Andrew Seth Hudson

Seth was a big, strong, happy child form the time he came into this world until he parted from it. The very first moment I met his eyes I knew what true love was all about...He was always a joy to be around and everyone loved his company. From the smallest baby to the oldest adult, everyone loved him. He had a way to make someone smile especially if he thought they might be down. If he had to do a goofy dance,a crazy face or make a silly joke...he did what he thought would help. I can't think of one time that he judged anyone for any reason. He accepted each individual for the person they were.
His brother was his best friend. They had they most straight-up relationship you could imagine. They were the true essence of brotherly love. As little ones they were inseperable and as teens they were not to far away from one another either. They spoke on a daily basis if they didn't see each other.
Seth moved out and into his own place which was a bit hard on his bubbie. He had started doing Rx drugs and drinking pretty heavily at this time. Bubbie said he had cried several times because he felt like seth was out of control and he was extremely worried. They discussed Bubbie's feelings and Seth assured him that he knew what he was doing. He also assured him that he was going to be fine. Little did my son know that the liquid morphine he had received from a friend was so dangerous and would be his last "high". He sure didn't know that he would go to sleep and never wake up. He was so confident that he had it all under control and he knew what he was doing.
Now my son Bubbie, their daddy Jack, little sister Kirsten, myself and all the other people who loved him so much are heartbroken over a tragedy that truly didn't have to happen. He would be so sad if he could see the many faces that aren't smiling now. He would try to fix it if he were here.

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Guest Book


1. Lindsay Conley
I love you so much, I think about you everyday. The closer it gets to your birthday, the harder the days get. I miss you, but we will be together again one day. I love you.
2. Your Momma
dearest seth, it has been 17 months since you parted this life. i miss you so much. there are no words to even begin to describe. i am patiently waiting to see you once again...this time in GOD'S land. i love you big as the sky!!!!! 4 ever, MOMMA
3. Vicki Daniel
Our sethie, well he was a very bright,smart,funny,caring,giving,loving,andgood looking young man. He brought us alot of joy and laughter and touched many lives in his short time here. It's tough for us not to be able to see his smiling face when we want too, but he continues to see all of ours. Knowing he is watching over us gives me peace that one day we'll meet again and imbrace his smiling face again. He loved to have a good time and make sure others had a good time too. We love you Seth!
4. Linda Giddens
The world lost a very wonderful young man when "Sethie" passed. I had the honor of being his "Ma-Ma" and he was very special to our family. He was always the one to give you a hug and tell you all would be fine. You could not stay down when he was around. I am sure he would not want us to be sad, but when you loose the light that had shone so bright for 21 years it is hard not to cry. He and his "Pa-Pa" are watching over us now and we can only hope and pray.
5. Pam Kirby
Janda, so sad about Seth. But you are not alone in the battle to stop drugs. It's like the children of today don't think of what the outcome will be. There is a price for everything we do (in Gods eyes). The jails are over run, Sheriff depts don't care. The ones that live to get busted gets a slap on the hand, others die. This old world needs to fall down on its knees & repent of their sins to God. GOD, is our only hope. God Bless you & yours.
6. David's Mama
We too heard the "I've got it under control." It became the scariest phrase to hear. Many of the things you wrote about your son were like my son, right down to the Rx use. I'm sorry for your tragic loss. Grief doesn't describe the feeling, does it? I pray that many will read about our losses and realize that drugs are more dangerous than they think. God Bless you and your family. Phil. 4:19