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In memory of Ricky Ewing

Created by Family Of Ricky Ewing

Ricky Ewing

My brother Ricky was very intelligent, artistic and had a wonderful sense of humor. He was a gay man in a family with three other brothers and me. When he was thirteen years old an older man gave my brother heroin. He got hooked right away and for months this man gave it to him for free.
After getting heroin for free for some time, his older friend then put him on the streets of Hollywood to earn his way. He was a runaway for years and nobody in my family sought help for him. My fondest memories of my brother are when he'd play house with me as a kid. I miss him.
My brother was disowned by the rest of my family, but over the years we kept in touch. Even if I had to call his parole officer to see how he was, I still kept in touch with him.
The last time I spoke to my brother was December 1997. He called me and told me he had Aids. He was clean. He was dying. I never got to see him before he died. I was battling my own disease of addiction, using meth.
I tried to tell my older brother that Ricky had Aids and he was dying, but he didn't care. I am clean and sober today, and I am trying to stay that way. No one should have to die alone, without family like my brother did.
I too have been disowned by this family. But, I am in recovery now. I have a better family today.
Ricky, wherever you are, you were always loved by me.
Love your sister,
Kim Ewing

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Guest Book


1. Nancy Laube
I remember Ricky when he was just a kid before all of the addiction. He was soft hearted and liked to sing and dance, he also loved to listen to people and gave his full attention. No one knows what another goes through when they are not only addicted, but living on the streets. It changes you and yet there is still a small flame of who you were before burning inside. Ricky was part of my family and regardless of his lifestyle and addictions, he will be remembered.
2. Elaine Davidsmama
Dear Kim- Thank you for sharing your love for your brother, Ricky. It takes guts to love & forgive and it speaks volumes to your character. You are strong and solid and able to stay clean & sober. I'm sorry you lost your brother and I'm so sorry he had to die without any of his family. He knows your love was with him and still is. Drug death is hard 4 others to deal with but we know those who died were very special to us and our love covers a multitude of sin.
3. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Oh Kim, I am very touched by your words. However sparse, they speak so very much. No, no one should ever die alone without the touch of someone who loves them. He lived a hard life. A life no one should have to live. I am so very sorry for your pain. And his. I know you feel it even now. You have done something amazing, don't ever give up, or look behind you. I believe, Ricky knows how much you loved him. It doesn't ease the sorrow though, does it? I wish you peace and love.