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In memory of Junior Jesus

Created by Family Of Junior Jesus

Junior Jesus

What can I say about my little brother -- he had a smile that would light up a room and his laughter was contagious -- once he started the whole room will just laugh along. He had a spirit, his eyes would sparkle when he spoke from the heart. Through his words you could sense the emotion. We came from a broken home -- our mother was addicted to drugs and we were separated at a young age, but we always managed to spend time with one another. I am the oldest of six children and Gee was the third child born. He was a tiny baby and just as his life began his world was changed. He didn't get to have the normal family surroundings like many -- he lived with his grandmother and we visited him when it was possible. My brother's life would take a turn for the worst when he reached his teen years. He started to hang out with the wrong crowds and soon was involved with alcohol and marijuana -- his drugs of choice. It was a time in which I was focused on my life and getting out of the same rut my mother was in. Thankfully, I never turned to drugs. I knew then as I know now -- my life was worth so much more. I wanted so much for Gee and my other siblingsand as the oldest I wanted to lead by example. I wanted to show them there is a way out, and it was easy. My brother had many bouts with depression. I am convinced his use of marijuana contributed to that. As hard as it was to live his life, he didn't want to let anyone into his darkness -- he was too proud. Then, his grandfather died. He went to his friends and told them he wanted to kill himself. They ignored him and again he went and asked for help -- and they ignored him. On the night of July 20th, after a tearful plea, my brother drank of mixture of alcohol, pain killers, sleeping pills and marijuana. He was found dead the next morning. Gee leaves behind two children who will never know their father. There will be pictures and memories shared, but they will never feel the love of their father's loving embrace. My brother's life was short. Within that life, he was alone. He was a great friend, but when he needed one, there was no one. If there is anything I wish you will take from this story is this: Love your loved ones as if it were the last day. Let them know how much you care for them. I wish I had more time -- don't let that be your regret.

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1. Trever Brennan
I am sorry for your loss. If I lost my brother, I would not know what to do. I would like to thank you and tell you that you will meet him on the other side and it will be a verry good day. SORRY
2. Kelly Corcoran
Dear Aida, This story is beautiful and unfortunately too common. I am so sorry for your family's loss and hope that your brother has found peace now. Thank you for sharing your story.