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In memory of Marianne Cratt

Created by Family Of Marianne Cratt

Marianne Cratt

My daughter Marianne was taken by a heroin overdose on May 3, 2014 after a 3-year struggle with this demon. She was only 21 years old with a wonderful life ahead of her. The reality of her death is still very difficult for me to grasp. Day treatment as well as residential rehab seemed to have no effect on her failing will. There are no words to describe the loss of a child but losing your own flesh and blood to addiction seems so much more difficult because as mothers (and fathers), we have always taken care of our child's every need and this was "unfixable" by us. Her only hero would have been herself and in this, she failed. I try to take solice in the idea that she is now finally at peace but this does not change my everlasting wish that she could be here with me. My heart will never be whole again.

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1. Caroline
Dear Christine..... I too, lost my beautiful 23 year old Daughter to Heroin in 2011....I Understand & Share Your Broken Heart...And Never Will It Be Whole Again...All I Ever Pray For, (Besides Praying For My Girl, Who Was & Will Always Be, The Love Of My Life!), Is For Some Moments (Glimpses Really), Of Peace. I Hope & Pray, That You Also Can Find Some of Those Rare Moments...I Know It Can Be Unfathomable, That Anyone Could Know Your Pain, But I Do....It Is Deep, & It Is Constant. I Will Say a Prayer Tonight Also, For Your Beautiful Marianne. Whatever is After This Life, I Just Hope (& Yes, Again, Pray), There Is Love & Happiness Surrounding Both of Our Girls..I Am So Sorry You Endure This Also..NO ONE, Should Ever Have to...Sending To You Much Love, & Understanding.
2. Christine Cratt
Thank you Julie.
3. Julie
Thank you for sharing your story, Christine. I'm so sorry for your loss.