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In memory of Dylan Silver

Created by Family Of Dylan Silver

Dylan Silver

Dylan's life was filled with so much love and he was so many things to so many people, he was a loving son and brother, a patient & devoted boyfriend of 3 years, an exceptionally loyal friend, a cousin, nephew, grandson, hardworking employee & the light to so many of our lives. He was fiercely intelligent, energetic, motivated, passionate, warm, generous, loving, handsome, witty, rebellious, stubborn & relentless! He persevered through so many demons & obstacles that he faced in his 22 years! Dylan's strength was an inspiration to not only me personally, but to all of the people that loved him so dearly.

Dylan graduated HS with honors and went on to college at Humboldt State. A year going to college up north he sought help and admitted to his family of his crippling heroin addiction, which had started by being prescribed opiates and benzos by a doctor. After his family brought him back to San Diego, he went through the treatment facilities, rehabs, meetings, sponsors, and all of the recommended steps, but he still fought with his addiction and depression for 5 more years. After falling in love with another addict and going through our addictions together for years, we decided to get clean together as well. After staying clean for almost a year, Dylan got in a car accident that completely totaled his car. Although he walked away from the accident alive, it obviously triggered something inside of him because 3 days after the accident he was found dead with a needle and spoon within reaching distance.

It is so devastating to know that such a bright and promising future was ended for no reason other than for just a moment he gave in and listened to the soothing voice of his addiction, which was constantly whispering its temptations in his ear. I just want Dylan to be remembered for who he was, which was a caring, sweet, gentle, strong, hardworking man that was finally finding his way through this crazy world. You are loved so much babe, just like we always said.. forever and always <3

Before the drugs & then after he got clean, his life was always filled with his interests, passions, sports, and doing the things he enjoyed. Some of the things he loved were riding his motorcycles & quads at Glamis, going to the lake and Colorado river to wake board and tube, going to the beach, longboarding, playing and cuddling with his dog Cali, playing lacrosse, blowing glass, scuba diving, being outdoors, offroading, going to concerts and listening to music, but most of all Dylan was most passionate about his friends and family. He loved his mom, sister and girlfriend more than anything! He was silly and loved making people laugh, he was extremely generous to those he loved and trusted (even to the point where it would hurt him). He was the mascot for our high school, he was always up for anything & loved trying new things. He will dearly missed by all of the people that he touched. Rest easy handsome man, we all love and miss you every second of every day!

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1. Megan Fritz
I am so sorry for you loss, Alex. Dylan will be missed, thank you for sharing his story.
2. Julie
Dear Alex, Thank you for sharing Dylan's story with us. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure he will be deeply missed.