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In memory of Martin Clancy

Created by Family Of Martin Clancy

Martin Clancy

Marty was a man amongst men. He would always go out of his way to help friends and family in any way he could, like pointing out your grammatical errors during a conversation. Whenever more serious help was needed, he would roll up his sleeves and get it done. He spent much of his free time doing home improvement projects, but rarely was he ever at his house. He was always doing something for someone. When it came to family, Martin tirelessly helped each and every one of us. He didn't do it for recognition; as a matter of fact he usually asked that you did not tell anyone. It would have been easy for him to say no or to charge a fair price, but that's not why he did it. He believed that those people who have the ability to help should do so without being asked. He thought that having children meant that you should teach your children to be good people. In his role as part uncle, part second father, part big brother, he instilled this belief in his nieces and nephews. He made sure that each of them knew that everything in life has consequences. Think first and make the right choice so you don't have to go do it again. He would pick on, tease, and goof off with the children in his life. But most of all, he loved them and he made sure that each of them really understood that on good days and on bad days you love your family and you keep on loving your family. If you were to ask any of his nieces or nephews from his 33 year old niece right down to his 13 month old great nephew, if their Uncle Martin loved them, they would all agree that yes, he did love them with every ounce of his being. Martin was a true competitor who taught us, his brothers and sisters to win at all cost, but our mother reminded us that cheating wasn't allowed. It was never a surprise to anyone that Martin always had the biggest Christmas stocking. This was because he was Mom's favorite son, at least that is what he told everyone. He would pick on us endlessly, but he would never let any one come within arms length of us. He made it his duty to protect us from the world. The saying “Chance made us brothers and sisters, but love made us friends” defines each of our relationships with our brother Martin. In our time of need, we ask that you keep our family in your prayers The above was written by Martins family and read at his funeral. In the year and four months since his passing, I have come to realize that no description of the man Uncle Marty was will truly capture his radiating light. What has hurt the most since my Uncle's passing is the fact that I never talked to my Uncle about his problem. I never told him how much I loved him or how much I wanted to help him. It hurts knowing that no matter how many times I am stand in my living room, and look up to my ceiling and talk to him, I will never hear his voice. I have had long conversations with him about the house I bought, that he never saw. About the job interviews that I have gone on.About my son. I will never be picked on or teased or made fun of again.My Uncle, will never be there again through my failures or my triumphs. I beat myself up on an almost daily basis wondering what would have happened if I would have confronted him years ago. Would it have made a difference? I love you Uncle Marty. Until the day I die and am able to hug you and tell you in person, you will be in my heart.

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1. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Colleen, your tribute is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your uncle Marty. I believe Colleen... he knows. He knows how much you love and miss him. But it can never be the comfort that his face and hug and laughter would be. I am very sorry for this enormous loss. Love and Peace to you...