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In memory of Daniel Lee Potter

Created by Family Of Daniel Lee Potter

Daniel Lee Potter

Dan was the rock for many people. Everybody was his friend. He left a couple of special women behind along with nine brothers and sisters, seven children, many grandchildren, and a wonderful mother.
Dan lived life to its fullest. He was a great man on bad stuff. He always said that he could control his uses and that they did not control him. But, it claimed him instead. He needed help but was afraid to admit it and now it is too late.
Dan will not get to see his 19 month old son grow up or his beautiful daughter graduate high school this year and go off to college.
We are going to miss him. He will be forever in our hearts. We have a reminder daily with his children that we will need to protect from this life taking danger in this world.
If you partake in any drug or know of someone who does, please try to HELP them stop before it is too late.

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1. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Michelle, Thank you for letting us glimpse why you loved Daniel so much. I am sorry for your loss. It is never easy, never easy to lose our loved one to drug abuse. We never believe, I don't think, in our human perceptions, that the ones WE love will ever die from drugs or alcohol. Tell his story again and again. Love and Peace to all of you who loved him.
2. Karen McCarthy
Dan, you were always a very fun and caring person. You were like a brother to me that I never had. Whenever I was down in the dumps, you would always say something sweet to me like, "What's up Stella", or "Hey there baby doll, ain't it cool?" We had lots of fun in the 6 years that I knew you. I will always cherish our friendship. I will Love You forever. Love Karen (Sister)
3. Kelly And Karen Potter
We will always love you! It is so wonderful to have had someone in our lives that loved life so much and got so much out of life. The times we shared and memories we have will never be forgotten. Kelly is a daily reminder to me of the wonderful person you were. I am so thankful that she has the same gift of kindness towards people, the same type of fun personality, your charming wit and your love for life. You also gave to Kelly a brother that we both love very much. Our lives will never be
4. Michelle Erkfitz
I love you Dan and I always will. You were my man! Thank you so much for giving me the best gift you could ever give me. I promise to take good care of your Little Big Man & I hope he grows up to have your same wonderful spirit but not your same habits. You will be missed by so many people that needed you !!! You left a big void in all of our lives- Thank you for every smile you ever put on our face! Love Michelle PS. You were right Karen & Kelly are wonderful! She's just like you.