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In memory of Brandon Makowski

Created by Family Of Brandon Makowski

Brandon Makowski

I met Brandon when I was thirteen. He was actually my first love. We started dating when I was 14 and we spent the next two and a half years together. Eventually, like most teenage relationships, we broke up.
Brandon and I stayed friends after the breakup. However, he unfortunately took it harder then I did. He started hanging out with a new crowd. His new friends introduced him to some horrible habits that at the time he did not know would eventually end his life.
Brandon became addicted to heroin. For the next three years, his addiction became more and more intense. It seemed as though he was possessed by that little needle.
On Monday, December 17, 2007, Brandon's life was cut short. He overdosed after getting out of rehab the day before. When I received the phone call that morning from his mother I felt as though I lost a part of me.
At the point right before his death, I was one of the very few people who were still talking to him that was not participating in his life-threatening activities. I miss him so much. I will never forget the moments we had together, and the memories of him that I will cherish forever. He was such a good guy.
Brandonmade people laugh. The drugs really made him into someone he wasn't. I will never forget his smile or his voice. I pray that he rests in peace, and is happy being in a better place. I will always remember Brandon.

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Guest Book


1. Katie Ramirez
I know I wrote this, but I wanted to sign it as well. I loved Brandon to death and still 8 months later I dream about him almost every night. Even though we broke up almost 3 years before he passed, we were still close friends. I miss him so much but I know he is happy now. I am going to see him one day and can only look forward to that. Rest in paradise baby boy! I love you and miss you.
2. Joog Ramsey
Brandon was one of my 3 best friends growing up. I could go on for ever talking about all the good times we had. We lost contact like a lot of people did near the end of his life, but still talked every now and then when we would run into each other. It has been three months today since we buried him. I go every month to his grave site and spend a moment to remember him. I will never forget him and not one day goes by that I don't think about him. R.I.P. Brandon. I will always miss you.
3. Brittany Herrlin
My heart goes out to you and your family. Over a year ago I lost not just a great friend but someone who was like a sister to me. Please take a moment of your time to visit the website her mother set up for her in order to get justice at this point in time and if you agree please sign the petition
4. Justin Spike
I have known brandon for a long time. When we were younger we hung out everyday for years nonstop. I never thought this would happen. I miss him a lot. I wish we could have hung out more recently. I will miss him and never forget him. He was one of my really good friends and he will never be forgotten.
5. Allison Gassner
I have known brandon since I was little. At first he was my brother's friend, but he was around so much that we grew close. There are so many memories of him that bring smiles to my face. He will deffinately never be forgotten. I was actually hanging out with him alot when I first heard of him using near the end of 2005. It upset me so much. I told him he was too good for it and that it would ruin his life. I never even knew he was using a needle. It hurts so bad and I wish I could have helped.
6. Chris Keating
I knew Brandon since I was 4 years old. He was my first friend. I grew up living next door to him for most of my childhood. There are so many memories of our friendship that I will never forget. There were some incidents that caused the falling out of our friendship. I still did see him every once and a while. And even though we lost contact these past few years, I will never forget him. I still think about him every day and will always miss him. RIP Brandon. I know you are in a better place.
7. Angela Gwynn
Katie, thank you so much for sharing Brandon's story. I am so very sorry. I lost my son Dallas in July 2007 of an accidental heroin overdose. He had been clean for almost a year. He was only 19. Only 19! They can never ever be replaced. You are a good friend. He was blessed. May you be blessed now by him, who will always be with you. Love and Peace from Seattle.... Angie, Dallas' Mom
8. Morgan James
Hi. I like the story that you made for Brandon. It shows that you really care for him and that he will never be forgotten. We will pray even though we did not know Brandon. God bless you and him. R.I.P Brandon.