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In memory of Peirce Anderson

Created by Family Of Peirce Anderson

Peirce Anderson

Sometimes I wish things were different, and that you could go back in time. There's a point in everyone's life where they stop and think, "Should I have done this? Should I have said that?" Sometimes we all wonder that if at one moment, we just spoke up and told somebody something, not to be a rat, but to save a life, Pierce would still be here today. In a burrow outside of Pittsburgh, called Bethel Park, our high school has always been known as "Heroin High." This is because years back; we had so many deaths in our school from Heroin. In years to come, a lot of people had thought that we had somewhat gotten rid of the name. But we were all wrong. Pierce was a young, long blond haired, artistic 16 year old boy. You wouldn't ever see him without a guitar in his hands. His guitar was his everything. He was an amazing brother, a wonderful friend, and a good neighbor. He always thought about others. He loved to have fun; he was one of the funniest kids you could have ever encountered in your life. No matter what the subject it was, he would make up the dumbest thing just to make you laugh! Pierce was absolutely gorgeous and so nice! He was always there to talk to when you needed someone. If you were to log onto AIM at 3 in the morning on a school night, he'd be the only one on. There used to be a big group of us that would always hangout, but later on, Pierce would keep to himself and not talk to anyone. His other 'friends' started getting deeper and deeper into some drugs, and Pierce went for the ride. He jumped on that bandwagon. After a while, we all lost touch. I'd see him in school from time to time, smile, and move along. I never really knew what he was getting himself into, I just heard stories. His 'friends' that got him into these drugs would jump him, and leave him to think god knows what. And in the eyes of a teenager, watching their friend become more depressed and digging deeper into this hole he had created for himself was like standing at a top of a building watching someone jump to their death and not even having the guts to try and stop them from falling. Those who tried to help him got into huge fights with him and were pushed even farther away than the rest of us. The week before his death, he had been late on curfew. He was supposed to be in by 11 pm but arrived home around 1 a.m. His mom checked his breath for alcohol. She found nothing. He hadn't shown any signs of drugs abuse. A few days later, February 15, 2008, the day after Valentines Day, I was sitting in homeroom and I heard someone behind me talking about someone dying. I kept asking who, but no one answered me. I asked again, and a boy sitting behind me said to me, "It was this junior, Pierce Anderson." My heart dropped. I asked why, but when this kid was explaining it to me, my body froze, and I tuned him out. All I could think about was his face, and how much of a horrible person I felt like because I never got to say 'goodbye.' I made it through most of the day, but by 5th period, I walked into Building 3 to go to Algebra, and I passed his locker. That's where I broke down. I later found out that he had died from a Heroin mautfuntion. It was an air-bubble. The autopsy later explained that he had only done Heroin about twice in his whole life. A few days later, looking at him laying in his casket, I lost it. He was the first dead person I had ever touched. As a little girl I used to think that they would wake up, or grab my hand. His parents were so strong, and I give them such respect for it. I hate Heroin with every passion in my heart. It took away someone who didn't deserve to have his life cut so short. I won't ever touch Heroin. When I hear the word, my body tightens and quenches, and my face gets hot. To this day, I pass his locker every morning around 10:30. And sometimes, when I'm having a rough time and I go for a walk, I can hear his voice in the wind, and everything just gets better. Rest In Peace Sweetheart. You are dearly missed!

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Guest Book


1. Latonya Hager
I am sitting here at this computer crying so hard that it's difficult to see this keyboard. This is such a beautiful tribute. I have never met Pierce, but I can actually see him playing his guitar in my mind. I can feel your pain and I can see through your eyes. I too, have lost someone that I love dearly to drugs....My 19 yr old son Drew Ramey. We have his tribute on here as well. Please read it. I wish someone would have spoke up including me. Maybe, he would be alive today if I had spoke
2. Rachel Stratton
My biggest regret in life is the last time I looked Pierce Anderson in the face and I gave him a look he didn't deserve. He was my brother's best friend, but I didn't like him. I always thought he was a weird kid that was never pleasant to me. I wish more than anything in the world I could have known Pierce for more as my brother's friend. I wish I didn't give him that last look. I still cherish the guitar of mine that he once played. You are missed.
3. Jake Landon
I went to school with him since i was in second first grade, I really didn't know him that well but its still weird not knowing that, the familiar face you see all the time is gone. Its just a weird feeling :[ My cousin passed away because of the same thing. I hope people can get help. Im sad that he is gone and same with everyone. So many of my friends were close to him, its just very sad. R.I.P pierce anderson :[
4. Jillian Maloney
Everyone, sorry I didn't want to put my name. But I took the time to write something like this for a friend. So please, if you know someone who could be hurting themselves, don't let it get as far as Pierce's did. His life still lives on, and you can still hear his laughter.
5. Lindsey Needham
I was one of the people who knew pierce very well. I know who was so nice, nice enough to write this. I appericate it so much!! Thank you so much... Love one of your BEST friends pierce is and will be missed
6. Amanda Fisher And Family
okay, pierce was one of my first crushes ever. he was the nicest person i had ever met. it hurts to know that hes gone and isnt coming back but we have to face it. he might be gone from our world. but not from our hearts, WE LOVE YOU PIERCE, WE MISS YOU!
7. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Rickie, I know the pain you are feeling. The shock and the anguish. I am so very sorry that Pierce has left too soon. Pierce didn't deserve what happened to him. None of our beauiful loved ones deserve this. This is beautifully written. You brought me into his story and your pain. He was so very special to many people. I admire that you have given him this memorial. Please... keep telling his story. Tell it. I wish you peace and love from Seattle...
8. Theresa Basting Mother Of Jason Basting
Thank you for having the courage to share Peirce's story. Addiction is cuinning and baffling, it can strike when you least expect it. It can strike who you least expect. Sharing Peirce's story will help someone else. God's peace be with you.
9. John Kelly
Such a loving and all to familar tribute. Pierce is in my prayers along with all who are suffering from the terrible disease of addiction. He will never be forgotten, thank you for sharing and God bless his parents. Peace.
10. Carly Klim
I know i really didnt know Pierce but my sister knew him very well from growing up in the same nieghborhood. All though i was too young to remember my sister told me how sweet he was and was always sucha a great brother. Rest In Peace Pierce Anderson<33
11. Jensey Faiman
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss, it definitely hits close to home. My sister died of a heroin overdose in 2006 and it has forever changed me. I question everything I could have said or did to stop her from using heroin, and I always feel I didnt do enough. My sister was 21 when she died, your friend was 16... both too young it makes me sick. I just hope you stay strong and pass your friends story on, because it might have not saved him but it really can save someone else in the future...