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In memory of Christian KIKI Vasquez

Created by Family Of Christian KIKI Vasquez

Christian KIKI Vasquez

My nephew passed away on March 14, 2009. He was only 17-years-old. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I often believe it's a dream, I imagine him walking into my mother's house again someday. We had no idea what he had taken, but I made a few calls that morning and his friends told me... but how could they let him take this?? I kept asking.Why didn't they let us know? Did they not know the consequences?? I still ask myself these questions all the time! I didn't have any idea that kids were popping these pills -- where have I been? But you never know, it can happen to anyone! I never thought it would happen in our family, but I continued to question why. But God only knows why. My life has changed so much now; I miss him so much! I will never understand this but I just wish these drugs were more controlled & not easily accesible! Everyone tells me it will take time for the pain to ease but time is just making it harder!

This Memorial was created to commemorate a loved one's life and to let other families know they can turn to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids for help when struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page to increase awareness of substance use disorders and to provide hope and healing for others.

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing your memorial story with us. I'm so sorry for your loss.