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In memory of Greg Vernard

Created by Family Of Greg Vernard

Greg Vernard

One night in 1980, my older sister asked me if I would watch her kids one Saturday night because she had a blind date. I agreed and sat with her kids. About 2:30 that morning, her and her date came strolling into the house. Both were obviously under the influence. I awoke and was introduced to Greg, a man that would stay in my life for some 18 years after that night. I loved Greg like a brother, and he was always kind to me and my family. Greg truly had a great sense of humor and blended into our family with ease. We all loved him very much. Greg and I had too many good times to count. God I miss that guy, he was great. After 3 years or so, my sister decided to just walk away from Greg and her kids and went west. He was devastated. He loved those 2 little boys so much. The kids were placed with my other sister temporarily. Through not fault of her own, she could not take them permanently and Greg was crushed. He eventually moved on with another woman with a young son. Unfortunately the entire time this was going on, I watched Greg drink more and more. He switched from beer to rum, along with the daily marijuana use. Soon, every time I saw him he was blasted. Then the bottom fell out. His girlfriend was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. He had gone from someone a saw daily to someone that routinely would not answer the door for me. After some time I stopped coming around. The last time I saw him, we played a game of Backgammon, which we used to play all the time. This time I had to coax him to play. 2 months later I learned he had been given a colostomy bag for life. They told him that if you drink, you die. 2 months after that he was found in his rental home by the tracks. Greg drank himself to death. God bless him. I will miss him.

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1. Elaine Davidsmama
In response to Mr. Steevenson & in defense of the deceased's family, addiction is a creature of a different color/a disease of the brain and the body unlike other diseases.No one grows up saying, "I think I want to grow up to be an addict."It is devastating to the person and to the ones who love them, it doesn't play favorites.And although people have to want to get help they don't have to hit bottom to get it.It doesn't have anything to do with whether they were taught correctly/t
2. Elaine Davidsmama
Addiction will consume even the best of people. If we on the other side of this disease cannot find it in ourselves to forgive and help rather than pass judgement we have doomed them to a life of shame and sorrow. Believe me, the parents have already eaten themselves alive trying to find where they went wrong. My sympathies to the family and friends at the loss of the young man. He obviously had a big, loyal heart just and even bigger disease of addiction. Peace and Comfort to you all!!