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In memory of Ricky S.

Created by Family Of Ricky S.

Ricky S.

Ricky was 16-years-old when he died from huffing freon from our home air-conditioning unit. Ricky didn't know that huffing could kill. Inhalants come disguised as harmless fun. He was a loving son, a good kid with an outgoing personality, a great sense of humor, and a Christian since the age of seven. He was a great All-State baseball player for his Christian high school baseball team. One careless act and his life was taken. We miss him everyday but we know we will one day be reunited. We speak from experience...huffing kills. God Bless.

This Memorial was created to commemorate a loved one's life and to let other families know they can turn to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids for help when struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page to increase awareness of substance use disorders and to provide hope and healing for others.

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