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In memory of Clint Reagan

Created by Family Of Clint Reagan

Clint Reagan

Clint was such a sweet, happy and confident person. He was creative, compassionate and charming, but then things started to change. Our son was a friend to everyone. Clint started his drug abuse in high school and things began to change. As Charles Dickens said, “It was the best of time and the worse of time.” Our lives became filled with confusion, lies, mistrust and chaos. He slowly gave up his dreams and future. Our sweet son seemed to be slipping away. Sometimes it seemed as though Clint's foot was stuck on the accelerator with a faulty braking system. During those times, we were beside ourselves with worry. Drugs robbed us of our joy and fun. Clint was diagnosed with bipolar disorder also known as manic-depressive disorder. Substance abuse can sometimes trigger mental health issues, if there is a biological or genetic vulnerability. Once he began treatment, we all expected to work our way through this and have back the person we knew before. At one point during treatment, Clint and I discussed his overcoming the drug addiction and being an example to other young people. Although, he was not able to accomplish this while he was alive maybe that can become a part of his legacy. Clint was a free spirit and we loved him each step of the way. He had gone through another tough time, but it seemed he was getting back on his feet. The doctor had changed his medication and Clint had commented to me that he believed the new medication was really helping him. With all of my heart, I wanted to believe those words. But then our beautiful son died of an overdose of fentanyl at the age of 20 years old. We believe the measure of one's life is more than the way in which they died. In the big picture, these problems were just a small part of a dear and precious life. So many people loved him. Although, I think at times his struggles kept him from receiving all the love offered to him. We are left with so much love for him in our hearts, and so many unanswered questions. What did we miss and when did we miss it? Where did normal adolescence changes stop and the serious problems start? At no time, not even in the depth of the hard times, did we ever imagine this outcome. We were blessed to have shared a wonderful childhood with Clint and to have had 20 years together. But, our beloved son and brother left us too soon. We miss his big hugs and bright smiles so much. We miss his singing, his whistling, his laughs, and the smell of his favorite cologne. We also miss the joyous moments he brought to the family. We still look for him to come walking through the door, instead he walks through our hearts. One always knew when Clint was in the room. We miss the way he filled a room and filled the house. Edna St. Vincent Millary wrote, "The presence of that absence is everywhere." This is very true for us also. Drug abuse doesn't just affect the user; it affects the lives of everyone that loves them. Drugs lie. Please don't give your power and future away to them. It would touch our hearts if you would take the time to visit Clint's site at

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Guest Book


1. Sofia
I am so sorry for your loss.
2. Kristie Tanner
Hi Debra. Thank you for the tribute. Your son was very handsome. It's so senseless that these young adults are dying off because of scripts. My brother did not have a pill problem, it was the first time he ever did methadone. What a shock to our family & community. Peace be with you.
3. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Debra, three years ago your life changed forever. You learned things you never dreamed you would have to learn. You lost the most precious thing of all, when you never imagined it possible. When I lost my son, I came here and placed his name with your own son's. And you reached out to me. Thank you for that. Thank you for giving us all Clint and his message, that he tells through you. Love to you and your family. Love... to Clint.
4. Rick Marvin
I am so sorry for your loss. I read your story because I have my own on this site. My son Rusty Marvin died 7/7/05 from a cocaine overdose. I found him in my garage on that horrible day. My heart goes out to you & your family. It all sounds the same. Great kids until drugs crossed their path. The pain never goes away. We have chosen to try to help other families. If you are interested in doing the same please visit and contact me. My name is Rick. God Bless you & your
5. Elaine David's Mama
What a sweet story of love for your son. I am so sorry that we all have to meet like this on a site for memorials to the people in our lives who were lost to drugs. What a handsome face and bright eyes. I love how you say that he walks through your hearts. My own son David walks through mine daily and sometimes hour by hour and minute by minute. A person is much more than a collection of their misdeeds. They are fearfully and wonderfully made to love and be loved. Bless you all!
6. Katie Helms
Beautiful message as a tribute for a beautiful life. Life IS more than how we died, and a beautiful person like Clint will live on in the lives and memories of his family and friends. May God bless you all with His Love and Peace... until you see Clint again...
7. Theresa Basting
Thank you Debra for your kind words. I am so sorry for your loss. I will try to picture my son in heaven. Thank you for that. Terri