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In memory of James Matthew Williams Groh

Created by Family Of James Matthew Williams Groh

James Matthew Williams Groh

Jimmy was a kind heart. Always worrying about others and showed true concern for their happiness. He was a first-born child and a mama's boy. He expressed himself openly and was a light-hearted soul. Many things that would bother others could roll off his back in seconds. He had a weakness for homeless people and stray animals. He brought every animal he found home. At the age of 8 he saw a homeless man at the dumpster and brought him home. Jimmy grew up in a suburban city in which he had many friends. His ability to talk to people made it easy for him to meet new people constantly. He was in the Choir at Church and also the teen drama department that put on plays and concerts.He loved to sing and make up his own rap songs.  He also served on the security staff at Church. He was a dare-devil and was willing to try just about anything. He played numerous sports and was a natural at ice-skating and roller-blading. At age 20 he moved out with some friends. Three weeks later he died from multiple RX drugs. Since that day our family changed forever. I miss his voice, his smile and his good night kisses. Life has been extremely difficult since then. There is a constant void in our lives and every new memory reminds us that he is no longer with us. He died much too soon. And our dreams for our childs future died along with him. Birthday cakes were replaced with ballons sent off at the cemetery. Christmas gifts have been replaced by memorial ornaments. Holiday celebrations remind you of the empty place at the table.  His death reminds you of the life that he lived while he was here, the, friendships he formed, and the fact that he lived as if there was no tomorrow. I have learned that in the end, all that really matters is love and time. "In Memory of you my sweet sunshine" James M. Williams-Groh 12-22-1986 to 06-13-2007 Until we meet again

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing your memorial story with us. My condolences to you and your family.
2. Megan Fritz
I am so sorry for your loss. Jimmy will be missed dearly!