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In memory of Gene Vulitskiy

Created by Family Of Gene Vulitskiy

Gene Vulitskiy

My son turned 20 on December 4th and passed away from the overdose on December 13th. Never in a million years could I imagine it could happen to him. He was never a troubled kid, good student and a very loving and caring person. He had a sparkling personality and could charm anybody, kid or adult within minutes. My son... Where to begin? From the birth he was always an easy child. Even as an infant he was always happy, smiling, and boy, did he have laughter! His laugh was contagious. I always thought that they forgot to cut the umbilical cord between us because we were that close. He was always hugging and kissing me a hundred times a day. We are a family of Russian immigrants and we wanted to come to this country to give our son a better future. In middle school he was the class clown, an honor student and an extremely popular boy. He made friends easily and I thought he made the right choices in choosing friends. His trouble with marijuana started during his senior year of High School. His grades started slipping and he would get moody and depressed. At that time, my husband and I were divorced and we forced Gene to go to live with his Dad in order to straighten him out. It seemed to work. Gene had graduated from High School and was accepted into Florida State University. Gene and I were always talking about the dangers of smoking weed. I was telling him that this habit may escalate into more dangerous drug abuse. He swore to me that he was not into drugs. I wanted to believe him. NEVER believe your kids- I learned that the hard way. He went to Tallahassee to FSU and that was the beginning of the end. Drugs (recreational, prescription, etc.) had become a normal part of his life. He was a popular kid and was invited to a lot of parties where he had an easy access to alcohol and pills. I think he wanted to change this life, he wanted "to better" himself. He decided to transfer to the University in our home town and live home. He was SO HAPPY that he would be living at home again, that was all he was talking about the last month. Finally, he moved his belongings home on Friday, December 12th. We were elated to have him home! Before going to see his friends he had not seen for a while he said to me, “Bye, Mom, I love you”. The next morning I found him on a bathroom floor, dead. I am hurting so much. I am blaming myself for not educating myself about how to recognize pill abuse. I am blaming myself for not getting up earlier to check up on him. I am blaming myself for not saving him. Somebody HAD to save my son - it is impossible that he is GONE forever, that I will NEVER be able to hug him again, to smell him, to lay down with him. GOD, he was only 20 years old! I LOVE you, my dearest, my sunny boy, I miss you terribly.

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Guest Book


1. Gene's Mom
Another month without you has passed. It's been 3 months since that awful day. It's still hard to accept that we will never see you again. In the past when someone asked me about my son, I would always say, "He is my sweetheart." Gene, I miss your SWEET HEART. I miss being loved by you and I will never be able to replace this feeling. It was a special bond and I desperately want to preserve it. Sometimes I feel it, other times I don't. But I ALWAYS keep loving you, my dear. Forever and
2. Anya Nanayakkara
Thank you. I'm not sure when it happened to Gene or how it even happened. I just wish that I could have been around this past year to maybe have helped him. Gene was like a brother to me before he went off to Tallahassee. I do believe that this will in fact open everyone's eyes, I just wish that it didn't have to take Gene's life to show those individuals that. I'll never forget that beautiful smile, that could make anyone's day.
3. Victoria Vulitskiy
Not only was Gene a good brother, but he was a good friend. He always had my back he was there for me when i needed him the most. He always told me "Victoria when your going to be 15 we could go places together and hang out with all my friends like you always wanted to" I LOVE YOU GENE!
4. Alex Vulitsky
Yesterday I wrote a poem for you. Unfortunately it didn't go through. I wrote it in Russian as I spoke with you. My little son you were so easy and never gave us any trouble. You left all of us with guilty feelings because we couldn’t help with saving you. Today is two months since that sad moment when you left us to cry for you.
5. Irena Gegelsky
My Dear Son. Today is 2 months since you are gone. It seems that I miss you more with every passing day. I miss you terribly! My life is a pretense. I pretend that everything is OK, but it is not. The pain is still here and I want to cry all the time. I hope that time will teach me how to find a balance between grieving and living. I love you, my darling. Your mama.
6. Elaine Davidsmama
Dear Irena, I'm so sorry about your Gene. Drugs are a thief and a murderer. They have killed many beautiful children & family members. My son died in '06 from an overdose. I live about 65 miles from Tall.FL and the drugs in this area are HORRIBLE! What a sweet boy that you lost. Contact me @ (my son's memorial)Peace & comfort.
7. Alex Vulitsky
Today it has been four months since you are gone. You came and went so fast. If you knew how many miserable people you left behind, you would never have done it. How could you question if anyone would ever miss you? How could you be so selfish to play with such deadly toys? Your life didn’t belong to you. It belonged to us to all of us, who loved you so much, who care so much about you.
8. Daniela Furlanetto
Gene was the most amazing person, and friend. He always put a smile on everyones face, and he had this way of lighting a room with his smile. Gene always went out of his way to make you feel happy and important. I was so excited when he told me he was coming home for good. I love you and miss you. My heart is with your family. No one should ever have to go through this. It pains me to see his mother like this. That morning taught me a lot.
9. Allyson Smith
Gene was unlike anyone else I've ever known. He had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room while talking to you, but never let you go without more than a few sarcastic words. :) Nothing I can write here could ever tell what an amazing person Gene was, and is, as he continues to touch so many lives. Its so unfair that he was taken from us so soon, but, Irena, you cannot blame yourself! Gene is such a beautiful soul and will forever be remembered.
10. Ada Chong
Reading everything about Gene's smile and laughter just reminds me of the person he is. He was probably the best person I've ever met. He always put everyone first and made his friends feel better in the worst of times. I never knew of his drug habits with pills or anything like that other than marijuana. I think this situation will put a new perspective on many people's lives and possibly save others. I think about him every day, and I'll never forget the imprint he has left in my life.
11. Emmauel Russell
Condolenses to the family of Gene for such an unneccessary tragedy. Even though we weren't the closest of friends, We were close enough for this to hurt.
12. Heather Paukner
Dearest Gene- When I heard the news I was very troubled. I did not want to be believe that the Lord would take you away from all that love you. I know we drifted apart a little after you moved away but we always kept in touch no matter how many times a month it was and that is what I admired about you. No matter how many miles you were away from friends you always kept in touch some how. You and your family will forever be in my prayers and my heart. See you soon.
13. Amy Adoryan
Dear Gene Vulitskiy, You will be truly be missed by more people than you can imagine. I have not seen or talked to you in eight years, yet my heart still hurts when I think of you. As you lie amongst the stars in the heavens, watch over your family and friends, who, because of you, have learned a valuable lesson that nobody should have had to learn the hard way. Rest in peace loved one.
14. Irena Gegelsky
Dear Anya. I am so happy to hear from you. I know you and Gene were very close, it must be hard for you to lose a close friend. Please,please, Anya, don't make a stupid mistake like this. You know, I was searching for a reason why Gene had to die like this and I want to believe that he died so to show all his friends how careful you have to treat your precious lives. Would not it be in Gene's charachter to sacrifize himself for his friends? He loved you, guys, you know that. Anyway, maybe I am o
15. Anya Nanayakkara
Hi Irena, it's a been a long time! You of all people know how much I love Gene. I am so proud to be able to say that he was one of my best friends. For the past year it was just me and him every week. This is how I saw first hand how hard it was for you to juggle everything, being such a hard working, single mother. But no matter what, you DID YOUR BEST. Proof enough is Gene's beautiful soul. For this simple reason, you CANNOT blame yourself. Our baby Geneka will forever be in our hearts.
16. Irena Gegelsky
Bethany, thank you for taking time to read my son's memorial and responding to it. First of all I wish you strength in your battle with this demon called drugs. I can only imagine what terrible ordeal you must be going through. Be strong, be patient, be ALIVE. That's all we, the parents, wish for our kids. You don't have to be perfect, just be honest to yourself and to us. We would not judge. We would be more then willing to help, because we want to see you all ALIVE. My thoughts are with you.
17. Bethany Heinesh
I'm 31 and have struggled with addiction 15 yrs. Gene's mom- My heart goes out to you.I often wonder why I'm still here when so many have died from this wretched condition..... STOP BLAMING YOURSELF! It's not your fault! (Easier said than done.)Drugs are enticing to a young person. They lie to the mind. I believed those lies and I have been enslaved ever since. NO ONE could have convinced me otherwise. May you feel the Presence of God as your grieve the loss of your beloved son.
18. Alex Vulitsky
I miss you, I love you, and I can't believe you are here, my little Gene
19. Alex Vulitsky
Love you, Miss you so much.
20. Alex Vulitsky
Love you more than life. Missing you like never before. Love you my dearest son.
21. Mark Vulitsky
Jen'ka, I know you live in thousands of parallel universes. But the feeling that I will never see you again hurts so much. Marik
22. Alex Vulitsky
Love you, miss you papka
23. Alex Vulitsky
Miss you so much my little Genie