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In memory of Danielle Alston Charrier

Created by Family Of Danielle Alston Charrier

Danielle Alston Charrier

My name is Deb Kasch. My beautiful only daughter passed away from an accidental Vicodin overdose on Feb 9, 2005 at the age of 28. She left behind two beautiful daughters.
When she was pregnant with her youngest child, who is now 9, she suffered from terrible migraines and was prescribed Vicodin. Also, she endured lumbar punctures on a bi-weekly basis to drain fluid that surrounded her brain. It was at this time she became dependent on pain medication.
After her daughter was born in 1999, she had two surgeries to insert a shunt to drain this fluid, but did not get the relief she needed. She tried so hard so many times to get off of the Vicodin, but even rehab did not help. She fatally overdosed in 2005.
I have never known a pain like this; my heart is broken and will never heal. She was my best friend in the world. As time moves on I suppose I will learn to accept her passing, but it is as if a piece of me has been ripped out. I am raising my grand-daughters and it is very hard at times, but we are a strong family.
I believe and I know we are going to get through this. My daughter loved life, she adored and cherished her children and husband, and she was so much fun to be with before the medication took over her life. Christmas and 4th of July (her birthday) were her favorite holidays. She had a passion for helping those less fortunate than her, even in the end of her life, and she was my life.

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Guest Book


1. Pamela Palmer Mutino
I can feel the pain, Deb, lost my only child, my beautiful Maria to a heroin overdose at 23. She is immortalized in the book, "Swish: Maria in the Mourning," which can help us feel less alone; the mother daughter bond when severed is excruciating.
2. Jennifer Smith
Hi Deb. I just wanted to say how very sorry I am for the loss of your daughter. My son died February 8,2007 from an accidental overdose of oxycontin and methadone at the age of 23. I know your pain and I am so sorry for you. I will keep you and your precious family in my prayers. God bless you always, Jennifer[Billy Michael Wilson's Mama]
3. Valerie Chavez
Hello Deb, I know how you are feeling. I lost my husband on Oct 7, 2005 to alcohol. I will always remember her, she is my favorite niece and she is always in my thoughts and prayers. I know the good Lord is taking very good care of both her and her uncle. The sunshine is a smile from them and the rain is a tear drop for our pain. Lots of love
4. Theresa Basting Jason's Mom
It is so sad to hear about peoploe getting addicted to medications they have been perscribed by Doctors. I am very sorry for your loss. God's peace be with you.
5. Aaron Truong
Hi, my name is Aaron Truong. I am 12 years old, and I am sorry to hear about Danielle. About 1 year ago, my grandmother died from a stroke. That stroke made her heart so weak that she died and I didn't even know why. Either it was all the medications she was taking, or it was her diease. I hope that your loved one and mine can meet in Heaven. I love you grandmother =(