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In memory of Brad Renfro

Created by Family Of Brad Renfro

Brad Renfro

Brad had a huge heart. He filled up a room with his spirit, laugh, and smile. He was an amazing friend to everyone who knew him. He would show up with guitar in hand, when you were having a bad day, and blast Led Zeppelin songs till odd hours of the night. He would see a homeless man on the street, go back inside, buy him a 40 oz. and walk up to the man, shake his hand, and have a conversation with him. Brad fought with himself all the time, and now he is finally at peace. But he had the biggest heart of anyone I ever knew, and that can never be forgotten.

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Guest Book


1. Katie Loope
Brad was a great person. His problems got in the way of his talent. But, we all have problems. He was a wonderful person and a great talent. I wouldn't say this if it wasn't true. The reason I say this is because I knew him and he was like a brother to me . My prayers still go out to Mark and the rest of the Renfro family ...
2. Jodi Nelson
Brad was one of those actors that didn't let his career get the best of him. He did it because he loved it. This was a guy who could play any role that was thrown at him. His life was taken from us way to early. He had a child that had only got to know him for a short period of time. He will be greatly missed and always remembered. Rest in Peace Brad, We miss you!
3. Brynn C
Jan. 15, 2009 In my memories.
4. Carly Birman
I'm only sixteen, but Brad Renfro was my all-time favorite actor. After reading the Grisham novel, I rented "The Client" when I was twelve. And I was in awe of him. So I watched many of his other movies, and thought he was the most beautiful male person I'd ever seen in my life. When he died, I was in a state of shock. But I'm glad to say that I've ordered some of his movies off the internet. His movie, "The Cure", is my all-time favorite and I will treasure it forever.
5. Rebecca W.
Thank you for all the movies you've done. Everyone misses you much more than you could ever imagine!
6. Jenna K.
He was my favorite actor! I have heard a few others say this and I will say it again, Brad was one of the best actors of our generation. I miss him.
7. Tim Boyce
I knew Brad for a while, and I can say that he was one of the nicest, kindest people you could ever meet. He would always come up to me when I had just moved to California and say, "Hey man, what's goin on?" He always extended himself to others. I will miss him greatly.
8. Hayley Hocking
My sister & I have loved Brad since The Client first came out. We followed his career w/ awe ever since. It's very sad there will be no more films to see him in. I love you, Brad.
9. Jane Polacco
Too young. You will be missed. Rest in peace Brad.
10. S. P.
I've been a fan of Brad Renfro since The Client first came out and I've followed his career up until the Informers. It's so sad that he's gone. I miss you Brad. RIP
11. C. Kuroczycki
You're in my thoughts every single day and today especially. Knowing we are never going to see you again is still too hard to believe. We need more people like you in the world. I always have and I always will be a proud fan, love forever x
12. Amber McKenzie
Brad, I miss you so much more than you will ever know. Noone understands. The day you died, so did a piece of my heart. I know that sounds pretty lame, but it's how I feel. You were so talented in acting and in your music, I don't think I've ever seen anyone play the guitar as good as you. What hurts even more is that I never got the chance to know you, and now I never will. You will never know how much I care, but I always will. ...I love you... Rest in peace, sweet one, you're home now.
13. Deborah Tolman
Brad's celebration of life on Friday was beautiful. Thanks goes out to all his family, friends and fans who made it all happen. We well never forget you! Brad Renfro. RIP
14. Allison Bentz
I couldn't believe the tragic news about Brad's death when it came out. I've never met Brad and I have not even talked to him through the internet. But ever since watching "The Client," I fell in love with him. I continued to follow his career up until his untimely death. If I could tell Brad anything it would be "Thank You". You will always be in our hearts and never forgotten!
15. Kelly George
Thinking of you today on your birthday! You are missed so much by so many have left your mark on each and every one of us. x Sam, you have created something really special here that will hopefully make a big difference in the future. Its a beautiful tribute to Brad. xxx
16. Anya Samantha Pearson Jordanova
Thinking of you on your birthday, Frodog.. We miss you.. ASPJ July 25, 2008
17. Kallie Jackson
Hi- I never met Brad,I just watched The Cure.I looked him up.A guy who I got much inspiration from just from a movie,and I find out he's dead.I do not know how to handle this,but I really hope someday I am with him and that I finally meet him.As long as I know that,I'll keep going,and look forward.Maybe someday I'll find him on "the side of the street" and we will have a never-ending conversation.I am only 15,and he has changed my life,in more ways to come.I only wish I could have bee
18. Kallie Jackson
...been there.
19. Jenny Miller
Brad was a brillant actor who had so much to offer the world. It is sad to loose someone so vibrant so young.
20. Evgeny Krylov
Dear Brad! I know that you see and hear us. I can't believe that you are not with us. I'm very depressed! It's a heart-break! I will always remember you as an eminent person and a great actor! I'm sure that you are in Paradise now. And I know that some time we'll meet. Thank you for everything! You'll be in our hearts forever! Evgeny, Russia
21. Jeannie Matthews
Dear Brad, Hope you are enjoying Heaven. See you again someday! Love You!
22. Sandra Boek
Dear Brad, You touched my life more than you can imagine. I hope you are in a better place now and find the peace and happiness you were looking for in life. Rest in Peace. Sandra, Holland
23. Emily Stigers
God must have good taste, because it is always the beautiful ones that we lose. You were an amazing person and I have never been touched by someone I didn't know in person like I have been by you. You have left an indelible mark down here on Earth on all those who loved you and looked up to you. I wish you had known how special you really were and that not everyone was out to get you. Tell Joanne hi for me and that she did a great job with her grandson.
24. Randy Nisula must be to have known him. As someone else said, I too wish there was someway I could have helped him. And, someone said Brad disappointed people? Maybe it WAS the other way around. Not often in life does a person like Brad Renfro come along. Everyone he touched, be it in person or in his work, is better off having known him. And, as much as his friends and fans suffer, imagine how hard this is on his family. I offer my deepest sympathy to the entire...
25. Randy Nisula
First, God Bless You Samantha for doing this in Brad's memory. Talk about mixed emotions. It is just so great to be able to read about how much people loved, respected, and admired Brad. On the other hand, it saddens me even more to realize he is gone. Reading all the tributes, everyone just kept picking up on all the different ways Brad touched people. I too, have never been touched by someone I never even met until Brad. To those of you who knew him, I can only say how grateful you must be...
26. Frances Italy
Brad has been for me so many things together. I discovered him at 13 in The Client. Since the first moment I felt his charisma and talent. His are the saddest and most intense eyes I've ever seen, on the screen and in real life. He's been the only teen idol I've ever had. Watching his movies, I fell in love with cinema and with America. I lost my mum at 15, she drank so much. I know what means having addictions. He made me dream and hope. Wished to save him. Proud to have been following him.
27. Randy Nisula
...Renfro family and I hope they can take comfort in knowing just how much Brad was loved. Rest In Peace Brad. We will never forget you.
28. F. D.
Thank you for everything. I will never never forget you.
29. Ivana Coppola
I will never forget you, Brad. I hope that you can find in the sky the peace that you have not had on this earth. I adore you my wonderful sad angel. I guess that heaven needed you. I will love you forever. RIP. IVANA, Italy.
30. Michelle Beauchamp Houston
BTW, For tomorrow...happy 28th birthday, dear. Will light a candle for you. I miss you dearly.
31. A Fan
I never knew Brad, but I was a fan of his work. He will be missed.
32. Elizabeth Spinelli
Oh how I hoped we'd meet one day. Although I never met you, you played a big part in my life from ages 9-20. Oh those dreams of having my first kiss with you and you being my boyfriend. You were one of the most beautiful men I've ever seen in my life. As a little girl, I fell in love with looks and then as I got older I fell in love with your talent and presence on-screen. From what I hear from people who knew you, you were just as beautiful on the inside as you were on the outside. RIP ...
33. Ingeborg Wu
I miss you in this world. Rust zacht.
34. Elizabeth Spinelli
I ran out of characters in the last post RIP Beautiful boy
35. A Hollywood
Your soul, spirit and emotional intelligence will be sorely missed. You were an artist in the truest order. I hope you are released. I will always reflect on your work. Thank you.
36. Samantha Hirst
I will miss you always sweetheart! It was a pleasure to know such a beautiful person and such a talented artist. Thank you for everything you ever got me through! I hope dearly that you rest in peace and that I get to see you again some day! x
37. Zakiah Usman
"Gone too soon..." He has been my idol since I was a kid. I adore him so much. Even though I didn't know him, I still respect him for what he did with his work of art. I am sure he is a good and kind person. Everybody makes mistakes. All Brad needs is love. One thing is for sure, we could learn a lot from Brad Renfro. Learn about life, learn to respect people, and learn to respect our life. Good bye to you. You are always in our hearts. I will never forget.
I can't believe you are gone. I haven't felt the same since you left this earth. You are in my heart and in my soul. What a wonderful spirit you are. I LOVE YOU.
39. Jeannie Matthews
I am still deeply saddened of Brad's death, and Samantha I've heard of all the turmoil you have been through too. He was such an amazing, kind hearted, intelligent, caring, loving, talented, and down to earth person that should always be remembered for that and only that. Although he made mistakes, we all do. Who are we to judge? I'm sure he is shining down on us right now with his gorgeous smile. He will be in MY heart forever and always. I can't wait to meet him someday in Heaven. Much Love
40. Lorena S
It has been about one and half months, but I cannot still believe that you are not here anymore. You will be remembered as a great actor and we are missing you so much...
41. Heather S
Brad. Although I never met you, you had a huge impact on my life and the lives of many others. You were an amazing actor, musician, and person. Thank you for the great films and music that you have left us to enjoy for years to come. We miss you so much! You will always be remembered and will forever be in our hearts! Thank you, Samantha, for putting this memorial together. It's wonderful! Rest in peace Brad.
42. Jennifer Lovins
I am not sure how to put my hurt into words. I never got the pleasure to meet you like most of the lucky people on here, but I had that little girl crush on you when I was fifteen and well you were fifteen too. I grew out of alot of my teenage crushes but you were always cute to me. My heart is broken, but I know you have gone to a better place. One day I will get to finally meet you, and I can't wait. But until then, Rest In Peace. My love goes out to your parents and friends.
43. A. S.
To be thankful to have known and loved Brad is an absolute understatement. He was such a unique, kind and genuine person. A person who would endlessly give to others, a person who never held hatred or ill-will in his heart, a person who always thought positively, no matter how difficult the situation at hand. A person who would bring such an amazing energy to the room, as you could feel (and appreciate) his profound joy for life. His passion for music was undeniable, and being in the presence..
Thank you so much BRad for all the things that you have done for this industry! Your legend is always remembered by the power that you placed on the screen. You are truly loved and missed here in Knoxville*. And I love you because you are one of the only friends that ever had my back through all the hard times. You are an angel and even though you are gone....I can still feel you near! I love you man* until I walk through those gates and see your face again* I'll be letting you live through me!
45. A. S.
..(con't) of him and his guitar always proved to be memorable. You could feel every word and every chord pouring out of him. He was the most honest person I'd ever known. He made me laugh from the depths of my belly with his sarcasm and wit. I read somewhere that those who have the most difficult struggles in this life are the ones who chose to challenge themselves spiritually and therefore, most often are the ones with the brightest souls. To me, this is Brad. And will always be.
46. Rob Wills
Brad, wherever you are, I hope you are strumming a guitar and thinking back on the good times. I hope you had many of those. Maybe you should never have gone aboard that first plane to Hollywood. Or maybe this is the way things were meant to be. I pray that the demons you couldn't leave behind are now blasted into oblivion. Be at peace, Brad. I will remember.
47. Marcos Antonio
Pena que foi ceifada uma vida no mundo do cinema america, Adeus Brad Renfro, descanse na paz.
48. Gaby Gosselin
When I heard about Brad's death I felt a huge lump in my throat. I didn't feel that for Heath Ledger, because I didn't feel I related to Heath like I did Brad. Brad, you were my favorite actor of all time. I have been a fan since "The Client" and really appreciated your artistic abilities. An amazing actor, and a beautiful person. A very sexy accent as well, all around amazing. I wish I could have told you this while you were still around. You have left a huge mark in the world of ART.
49. Julie B
Dear Brad, It has been just over a month since you've passed and still not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I can't believe your gone. Although we never met, I wish I could have saved you. I wish I was just given the chance. I keep hearing the song Angel by Sarah McLachlan and all I think of is you. I will never forget you. I will always regret never being able to see you in person and I will always envy those who were blessed with the opportunity to do so. With Love, Julie
50. Savannah Cameron
Brad, God I will so miss you. You were my childhood crush. My heart will never stop aching. I will never stop thinking about you for one moment. That time we had together in LA, I loved it and enjoyed it so much. But I will take care of our baby boy together and we will never forget you. I love you so much baby. You are at peace now with God. Our baby will be raised with nothing but wonderful thoughts about you. Love Always Your beautiful Baby Boy and Your once love Savannah
51. Jenn R
I knew you once, and that time we spent together was wonderful and tender. You lifted me up as I brought you back down to earth. I'll never visit LA again, it's not the same without you there. Enjoy rifting with bubba. My heart hurts for his family, God Bless.
52. Tara Murphy
It is not those that leave that suffer, but the ones they leave behind. My heart is with his family and friends. This is never easy. Brad was truly talented, and I enjoyed all of his films and I am sure now he is peaceful and without his demons. God bless, Rest In Peace sweetie!
53. Jeanette Kaminski
I would just like to leave my condolences for his family and friends. And I think that this incident should have had more attention or at least the same attenion as Heath Ledger. I still don't think many people know about this incident and they should have.
54. Wayne Harris
I did not even know of Brad's passing until I watched the BAFTA's tonight and I was deeply saddened to discover he had died. There was nothing in the newspapers or on the news here in England, unlike Heath Ledger. I would just like to say I always felt Brad was an excellent actor, showing a depth of character and emotion well beyond his years. My thoughts go out to his family and friends. The acting profession has lost an enormous talent. Rest In Peace Brad.
55. Camille D
You made me discover Sleepers. You were such a brilliant person, so sad you had to leave. Sure you are now peaceful, far away from your demons, in probably a better world than this one. A good devil in heaven ...
56. Nora M
Brad, We miss you more a little everyday. Still cant believe you are really gone, seems like a bad dream and I keep waiting to wake up. I just hope that you are finally at peace in the heaven you so believed in. Love you forever hunny!
57. Danielle Scarbrough
Brad, I wish we could have met. Your step mother spoke highly of you as she was one of my favorite teachers in high school. I love your family and I will say an extra blessing for everyone...
58. Sarah Sovereign
Brad I didn't know you personally but I did enjoy your work. You were an incredible talent and will be missed. I read all about the struggles you went through for most of your life and know that you are now happy and finally at peace. You will never be forgotten.
59. Rocio Rocio
Brad, you were always and will be loved. For the actor, musician, brother, friend, son, grandson and troubled angel you were. Rest In Peace.
60. Britney Remington
Brad Renfro was a great artist, with his music and his movies. Watching him in his movies over the years really made me feel good. And he put so much heart into his art. I hope that no one will ever forget what he has done to the art world, and to mine. I know that I won't get a chance to meet him in this life (along with many other artists who've died before I got the chance to meet them), but hopefully I'll get to meet him in my next life!
61. Kathleen Smith
There are so many things I want to say, but I don't have the words to really express it. Just know that we all miss you so very, very much, and the world honestly lost an angel when you died. I could see how hard you struggled with yourself, and maybe that's why I was so enamored with you, because I saw a kindred spirit in you. You have inspired my brother and I in so many ways; my brother is now going to Church more. He's trying to stop drinking, one day at a time, and your death shocked us.
62. Melanie B
Brad will always have a special place in my heart! He will be forver missed! There was no other like him, and thats what makes this hard, but I know he is in Heaven now. No more pain and suffering!
63. Andrea M.
My heart broke when I heard the news. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know Brad personally, but I felt a connection with him. There was something special about him. I can't imagine the pain his family & friends are going through. Not a day goes by that I don't think about him, but I just try to not think about him being gone. It just hurts too much. I always wanted to meet him & I wish I had but I know I'd be hurting even more. Brad, you will never be forgotten. I will see you soon! Love
64. Tomarah Hoskins
It's really hard to believe your gone. I know you always said you'd never grow old, I guess you were right. The family and I all miss you so much. Thank you to whoever set up this site. He would be happy his memory could help others. Tomarah Hoskins "Cousin Marda"
65. Fiona O'reilly
The day I heard of Brad's untimely death my heart broke into a thousand pieces, it will remain broken forever. I still can't believe that he is gone. I just dont understand it. I've been a huge fan of Brad ever since his first film, from that moment I was hooked on this enormously talented, down to earth and incredibly gorgeous guy. He will never ever be forgotten, he will always be in our hearts. Let Brad and his grandmother rest in peace with the angels above.
66. Elinor Hannan
You are being missed more and more every day. Rest in Peace. x
67. Angie T
Whenever I watch the videos of you when you were like 12 years old, I just want to give that little boy a big hug & kisses. You always had this sadness in your beautiful eyes and it makes me really sad. I wish I had met you before this tragedy happened. You were a great actor and you will live on in my heart forever and ever. I love you Brad. I hope you are happy in heaven with your grandma...
68. Jennifer Smith
It was a sad day when I heard the news of your death Brad. I didn't know you on a personal level but I watched you grow up on film and loved you. You were and amazing person with a beautiful soul and you will always be a fond memory. I hate that you struggled so in life, but i've been there and it's hard. I hope you found peace and know that the world has lost a great soul and light with your passing. I will tell your story and show your work to my grandchildren one day.
69. Colleen Kneeland
continued... in and scare the sh*t out of me once and a while when I don't expect it. If I hear the phone ring at 2 am I will know who it is and I have your cross babe so I will keep it close. I love you!!!!!! Colleen
70. Colleen Kneeland
Bradley, Darlin, I am going to miss you so. You know that. You just had to go didn't ya. You couldn't wait, like you said "we all gotta go baby". I miss you so much. I do not know what to tell Brett. I hope you and Jo Jo are happy. I can see the two of you dancing to Elvis. I guess she knows all your little secrets now lol. I loved you very much angel. I miss you and I know your pain is gone, but mine is still here and my life is dimmer and always will be without you, so drop
71. Sonia Potterton
Brad was such a huge part of my teenage years and even now in my 20's I followed his career. Still loving his endless talent as always. It is funny how I feel some of those years have gone missing since his death, but what fantastic memories in the ones that are still with me. Thank you for your contribution in my life even though I didn't know you personally you will be greatly missed. x
72. Leslie Anne Bernal
Brad Renfro was one of the most talented young actors I know. Actually, he was the best for me. No one else came close. I have liked him since The Client and I never stopped. I won't stop. Nothing stopped me from loving, admiring and respecting Brad. I am terribly missing him even though I never got the chance to meet him (I am from the Philippines). But I still hope I'll meet him up in heaven much much later. I love you Brad. Always...
73. Marianna Ludovico
Brad aveva uno sguardo così bello...i suoi occhi e il suo sorriso erano davvero speciali, avevano tutto un mondo dentro. Quando ho saputo, mi si è quasi fermato il cuore.Il suo viso era meraviglioso, quando sorrideva era davvero troppo bello...non ho davvero parole.Non mi ricordo di aver mai visto degli occhi così pieni di significato,come erano i suoi.Era perfetto.Era speciale e unico al mondo.
74. Klara From The Czech Republic
We all have our heroes. Brad became one of mine when I was a teenager. He guided me while growing up. How sad it is, knowing that he is not with us anymore. Is it possible that even the heroes die? I am sure Brad is in heaven now, far from the hypocrisy of this world. You will always be my hero. Forever.
75. Naderdane Cornelio
Eu ainda sinto muito a falta dele. Eu sempre quiz conhecelo desde adolescente. Agora mesmo casada, nao esqueci deste sonho de encontra-lo...agora embora eu nunca tenha visto ou conhecido ele, sinto sua falta como se nós nos conhecessemos a aaanos!Descance em paz, e que os anjos te protejam!!!:-)
76. Marcus Caesar
Thank you for everything Brad, for all the laughter and all the tears. Altough you're not with us down here on earth, you will live on in our hearts and minds forever. You'll be missed! Rest in peace!
77. Andrea Del Molino
soy espaola y brad renfro para mi es el mejor actor que he visto nunca, su mirada siempre expresaba lo que sentia, sus peliculas son fantasticas. siempre le recordare y le llevare presente en mi corazon, desde los 12 años he pensado en conocerlo, era mi sueño, ahora tengo 21 y se que jamas le conocere. aunque en cuanto pueda irme a america le pondre flores en su tumba. DESCANSA EN PAZ.NUNCA TE OLVIDARE
78. Pilar Spain
I still can't understand why and I feel so sad about it. I will always remember Brad Renfro, his eyes always expressed so much and I've recognised myself in those since I was just a teenager, I don´t know if he ever knew how many people remembered and admired him. I think that with his movies he left a message in some way. God bless you Brad.
79. Venny Laturette
People read, people judged, people felt that they had been disappointed by Brad. But is it honestly true that it was the people who were disappointed by Brad or was it the other way around? However, it doesn’t matter now. He’s gone at his very young age of 25, and the right thing to do is to remember him for his goodness. At least that’s what I want to do. Remember how he had made me raised the hat many times watching his performances which can make me laugh, cry, or even scared.
80. Y. O.
I didn't know Brad Renfro, but I do know that he was one of the most authentic individuals to grace film. Reading of his problems through the years, I rooted for him to make it. Godspeed to a great Southern soul..
81. Michael Peters
The first song is for Brad, he was beautiful.
82. Laurie F
"I've learned that Goodbyes will always hurt. Pictures never replace having been there, memories good or bad will bring tears. And words can never replace those feelings." Forever in our hearts, you will never be forgotten. R.I.P Brad
83. Tristan French Guy
Am still sad, I dont know why, I cant explain Maybe cause I like your soul, I like your smile ,I like the way you walk I like you I never meet you but I feel so close I hope you are well and I dedicate you the following poem: you, never, sweet vermin, devil in silk, sunset you, never again, fire horse you , always , frog of god, acid fly, golden angel you never, but I insist a little again or you always, again and again, the sun rises and I adopt you glorious ruby, sculpte
84. Kristina Kramer
Brad was an amazing actor and he will be missed dearly.
85. Sarah Bell
Brad was a beautiful person inside and out, he will be truly loved and missed by many. You and your grandmother RIP always and forever. It would have been a real honor to meet such an incredible actor.
86. Rebecca Gaudin
I can't even describe how Brad has made such a positive influence on me! He has inspired me to follow my dreams as an actress knowing that there is a one in a million chance to prove you can go big and beyond! He had a big heart and will always be remembered! I want to take this time to thank him for being himself and touching the lives of others. Also, the Renfro family are very good people and I wish nothing but the BEST to each of his family members, friends, and fans! God Bless each of you.
87. Sarah Bell
I had the privledge of sharing my birthday with Brad, he was one day older than me. He was a amazing person, incredible actor, very talented. He will be missed by many. Sarah Albuquerque NM
He was wise beyong his years and you could tell just by the movies he made. He wanted to relay a message that meant something. For that he will live on and the mark he made on life will never die. Someone said he will entertain the angels in heaven like he did us on earth. Couldn't have been said better.
89. Chelsy Armcoofro
Brad was one of those actors that had so much to give. He was a great actor that will always live on in our hearts. I wish that I had had the chance to meet him. And somday I will. He was a bright talent and I love him for it. He seemed very real. I say a prayer for you and your family Brad. God Bless.
90. Khristy P
I used to have his song on myspace page. It hurts to hear it. Just knowing one of our few angels is silenced now. He will be missed.
91. Sara Hughes
Brad was one of the best actors and I will definitely miss seeing him in movies. He played his roles so well and he was so cute! R.I.P. BRAD!!!!
92. Belogortseva Inna
Brad, Chicago misses the hell out of you. We will always love you to death, and you will never be forgotten. REST IN PEACE BRAD AND JOANNE RENFRO
93. Alexandra Theriault
I didn't get the chance to know him as well as everyone else, but he's constantly on my mind. He was an amazing guy and I wish I had the opportunity to sit with him while he went nuts on the guitar. I miss him more than ever. And when its time, I look forward to seeing him on the other side. I'm glad he's finally free =) RIP Brad..You are loved..and missed..
The day I heard the tragic news of Brad's death was unreal. I thought what was being told had to be a mistake. Because I've followed Brad's career since 'The Client" like so many others. Unfortunately, I have never met him but what he gave me while onscreen he will never know. He was an amazing talent & for that "Thank You" Brad. For making me laugh, smile, cry, & wanting to meet you one day. Until that day Brad, R.I.P. You will forever be missed & will forever live on
95. Brooke Stone
Brad was a beautiful person and had an equally beautiful soul. I never got to meet him but someday I will. You are missed very much Brad but your grandma Joanne is with you now. May you both rest in peace. You have left an imprint on the world with your amazing talent and love, and you will forever be in my heart.
96. Haley Olsen
My Brother. My Dear Brother. Yes he fought all the time. But, he was always kind to those who needed it the most. He would make people crack up when they felt like kicking the bucket. And all of this has left an everlatsing impression on everyone who ever met him. Even when he was acting, he was always being himself. And me being his little sister i know that he loved, he loved many. But to me he was my idol. The one I could look up to. The one who can pick me up when I fall. He stood up.
97. Anna Merideth
Brad was my favorite actor and it just devastated me to find out that he had passed. I have loved him since I was a child and I know I can never forget his talent and that special feel that he had about him. RIP Brad.
98. Simone Corry
I did know Brad through my cousin he was a great person with so much to give and he asked for little in return. He helped me when I needed it and went the extra mile. We are all very sad that he is gone, but we have come to realise where he is now he can be the Brad he always wanted to be and he is at peace along with his wonderful grandmother Joanne. They are where they need to be. Rest In Peace x
99. Rhett D.
He was a fine actor of his time and he will be deeply missed. Never forget this line from "The Cure" - "Here, hold onto this when you sleep. And if you wake up and you're scared, you'll say, 'Wait a minute. I'm holding Eric's shoe. Why the hell would I be holding some smelly basketball shoe a trillion light years from the universe? I must be here on earth, safe in my sleeping bag, and Eric must be close by.'"
100. Amy Smith
I have never seen such a talented young man, as an actor and musician! I've admired him since I was a child, and unfortunately only got to speak with him a few times. But, those moments will never be forgotten! I hope his death won't be in vain. I know God will look after you, but of course you will be missed by many!
101. Destinee Crystal
Brad, you will NEVER be forgotten & you'll always be in my heart. I've been a fan of yours since I was 6 years old, and have been ever since. You were an amazing talent. There will never be anyone quite like you. RIP Brad <3
102. Leslie Wyman
Your music, art, and films will live on forever.You will never be forgotten by your fans down here. Thank you for leaving us such great films to treasure forever. -Leslie
103. Samantha P
forever in our hearts.. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
104. Sabina Martens
I never knew Brad or met him personally, but his death has affected me. I've always been a huge fan and admirer of Brad since first seeing him in "The Client" so many years ago and since then, I have followed his career closely. I am saddened that Brad is gone too soon-- I would have loved to see more of his acting talent onscreen. He was one of the most brilliant but underrated young actors of the 1990s. He really acted his @ss off and made you believe it was real. RIP Brad..
105. Amy Cheek
The world lost a talented artist and may his soul finally rest in peace. You are in our prayers.
106. Kayleigh Clapham
Brad was a great actor and a great guy. The day he died we lost a good actor, dad and singer. He will be sadly missed by all but at least he's at peace R.I.P Brad xx
107. Deena Berry
Brad was an amazing actor. I am going to miss him soo much. I will never forget him or his talent R.I.P. Brad Renfro
108. Sophie In The Sky
You had nothing to prove... Only much to give. Thank you for all you've left us to remember you by. We'll never forget.
109. Jennifer M
You will dearly be missed. RIP 1982-2008
110. Christina Rosen
I wish you had been given another chance. I wish that you could see this has happened to you and make an effort to change the outcome. It is very sad you can't now. For anyone reading this, maybe "today" is your chance. You are a beautiful soul Brad.
111. Serena Kelly
Such a talented artist with a burden too big for his soul and body to bear. I am sad to see you go and feel a great deal of empathy towards your prior struggles with your addictions. I only wish you could have made it passed that pain as your art had yet to see its full potential. Your talent will be missed greatly, but your legacy will live on in the music and films that you have made. Rest well Brad you were loved by many.
112. Lana L.
You'll be in our hearts forever!
113. Cassandra Holscher
R.I.P Brad! You were always one of my favorite actors! May God be with you forever and ever always
114. Jill Vermeere
Dear Brad Thank You For Everything You've Done .. You Will Always Be In My Heart !! Rest In Peace My Angel
115. Dawn K
RIP Brad! Wish we would have kept in contact over the years. Your in a better place now!
116. Denise Hamilton
Brad was a wonderful talent and a great guy. Nothing will ever be the same, but I will continue to keep his memory alive **
117. Colleen Schrode
Brad put fiery passion into his music and movies. He was also very humble, and grateful for all of his fans. I will miss talking with him. Rest peacefully.
118. Wishing I Was In Hollywood
Thinking of you. Happy Birthday! We miss you!!!
119. Marty R.
The world will definitely miss you....R.I.P. Brad Renfro<333
120. Candice Baer
I am going to miss Brad. Even though I didn't know him, he was a very talented person and his films meant so much to me. Thank you Brad for making my smile.