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In memory of Meghan Kohl

Created by Family Of Meghan Kohl

Meghan Kohl

Meghan Kohl was not someone I knew on a personal basis, although we had met a few times here and there. She always seemed like she was in a world she did not belong in. I was also caught in the same world and by the grace of God I made it out of it alive. On the morning after she was murdered when I recieved a phone call informing me of this --my stomach automatically dropped. Soon after I began to realize the full extent of how really lucky I was. We had been around the same people in our addiction and luckily I ended up in prison. As bad as that sounds, it saved my life. I can only say that Meghan Kohl's memory will live in me forever and be a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be alive. I can only imagine the horrible pain family and friends have been subjected too. I am overjoyed that the man is in custody for this hidious crime and will be given a long time to think about what he did to her and her family. Although it will never replace a daughter, friend, and anything else she could have ever been to anyone, I can only say that I know her life has impacted mine to the fullest extent possible and I will never forget how fortunate I am to have a second chance at life that so many people are unable to have.

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1. Anjuli Clare
I am sorry to hear about her death. I can only imagine what happened to her if it was by the hand of someone on ice. I'm glad you seem to be doing better though, and I in the same respect learn from the innocent beautiful lives lost. I myself have crawled out of the miserable life I made for myself surrounded by drugs and drinking. It's hard but I pray to God that not only I but people such as yourself escape the devistation drugs leave in it's wake. Too many of us have been lost. keep fighting!