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In memory of Adam Haggard

Created by Family Of Adam Haggard

Adam Haggard

I have only one blood brother and the rest of my siblings are half or step to me. I spent my whole life with my brother, Adam. I am now 18 years old and he is 20.
The memory of an old neighbor is where the road started. A time when hearing the word "pot" did not scare me. I had known that my brother smoked a little, but I had no idea the true effect of a gateway drug.
Adam is the kind of person that anyone grows to love. No exceptions. If you were to spend just a couple of minutes of your time with him, you couldn't help but be drawn to his character. A mountain man is what I call him. He loved the outdoors and was pursuing the mountain life. He has always been a huge hero to me. His ability to just take things as they are, make the best of them, and keep on keeping on.
An outdoor program called Four Circles gave Adam tremendous help in my senior year. He spent around 100 days or so there until his confidence was built up enough. Like many others, the feeling of being clean was that of a good feeling. This feeling revealed his true strengths and almost like another side of him.
I have so many memories of us hanging out just before he took the trip to the other side. It's almost a slap in the face that screams at you, "Everything happens for a reason!" You may think, how clich; I am a strong believer that everything does happen for a reason. We had never been as close as we were the months before. We had never spent this much time together just cutting up and having fun. We were hanging out with friends, going camping, talking and being closer than ever.
His "friends" led to his passing. With their social status and wild life presence, I'm sure it was hard to resist jus that one time. That one time that would turn into too often again. Every now and then he would say. Either way, I love the mountain man named Adam Haggard. My brother of 20 years. My brother for a lifetime.
Each day is a gift from the higher power and I am thankful for every. I can only push on carrying the feeling I have with me. I have a feeling of my brother's presence every day. His reactions to the things we are doing on this side. I know I will be with him when the day comes and this alone gives me strength to keep going. I will honor him with my life and be certified as a Wilderness First Responder saving as many lives as possible. I will always be his "lil brother" as he called me all the time. Always and forever. A mountain man jr. to follow the footsteps of his brother.
My brother of 20 years. You are everything a brother could need. You are everything a father and mother would wish for and you are all that a friend is. God will bless your kind soul and we will rest easy knowing what holy people surround you. I pray that you help walk with us through our lifetime and your presence is felt everywhere we go.
Dear Adam, my brother of 20 years, never shall you bow your head. We have lived by your side and have experienced what great things one is capable of. I wish that we brothers could have camped together for a lifetime and passed together by a river on a mountain. I will always have you brother everywhere I go. I will camp with you until my day's end and fulfill the life of a mountain man. We can only miss you for now but live knowing that the day is yet to come when we will all be together. With your strength I fear nothing in my path. I will walk the hills of this world and hike the mountains with you by my side.
I am so thankful to have you as my brother. Until the day we meet again, you must know what happiness you leave with us. I will always be your little brother and look up to you. You will hold your head high while trekking the mountains. You will hold your head high while trekking through the valley. God bless your soul my kind brother.

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1. Emilio Santos
It sucks to loose a brother. I know how you feel. I'm sorry that you had to go through the pain of losing yours. I was 16 when my brother passed on from a meth overdose.
2. Elaine Davidsmama
This is a beautiful letter of love and respect for your brother!! How sweet of you to share such feelings. I am so sorry you lost your brother, but I am glad that you have this great feeling of his presence always with you. People everywhere need to hear how important these people have been to us and how they were/are a valuable part of our lives. Thank you for sharing. by for a visit, let's be friends
3. Jenn Oglesbee
(continued from below) ...will become (as all of your family is). Thanks for sharing Adam's story and the story of the special bond between you. I think of you lots and send you lots of love.
4. Jenn Oglesbee
Cory, this is so beautifully written and is such a beautiful tribute. I know the bond that you and Adam share will be with you forever. All we can do now is hold Adam in our hearts and help spread the message of how drugs destroys lives--you have done both of these things so beautifully here and I'm so glad you wrote this. I love the image that you created of Adam trekking the mountains and valleys in heaven. I'm sure he is watching over you and is proud of all that you are and all that...
5. John Oglesbee
Cory, your memorial to Adam has captured what we all feel from the loss of a beloved friend, brother, and son. The bond of two brothers, and the unbelievable heartbreak of Adam's passing, is told by the memorial that only you could have created. Thanks for sharing your brother, Adam Haggard, with the world. Your words bring comfort to Adam, and to the hundreds of family and friends that are forever woven with Adam by having trekked a small part of the pathway and trail at his side.
6. Jameyson P.
I know it has made me a better person. Instead of doing what most benefits me at the moment, I now try to do things that I know would make Adam proud. I know I will never meet anyone who could touch my life like Adam has. I know I will spend the rest of my life looking for someone half as amazing as Adam. R.I.P Haggy, I'll always love you.
7. Jameyson P.
I never could have imagined that people Adam called his friends would not only let him slip back into his old lifestyle that the people who really love him had worked so hard to save him from, but they were also encouraging and enabling him to do so. Cory I know you and I share the belief that everything happens for a reason, and I honestly believe that there has to be some good that will come out of this.
8. Jameyson P.
I'm very blessed that I was able to spend every day with him when he lived with me last summer, and even after I left for college I was able to see him everyday. I came to Athens when he was living with John. I guess I just always figured that after he had enough time to focus on being clean after Four Circles that he and I would be together again.
9. Jameyson P.
...and I would do anythin for him. Everyday I try to remember all of the great times I had with him, only to realize there are just way too many. Driving all the way out to my house in Atlanta to go swimming, going to concerts at the GA theatre, or just hanging out at our apartment’s pool (although Adam refused to wear shorts after we shaved his leg while he was sleeping), we were always laughing and having fun whenever we were together.
10. Jameyson Price
Cory your tribute is beautiful. Adam deserves for his story to be told to anyone who will listen. I'm glad you put up a picture of Adam and me because you know how much he means to me. I just have so much to say to Adam. I would give anything – literally anything - to just have him back for even one more day. Although drugs made Adam do some things he shouldn’t have, no one ever doubted that he was a great person and friend. I know Adam would have done anything for me...
11. Angela Gwynn Mother Of Dallas Nguyen
Cory, it is a beautiful memory of your brother. I am so very sorry Cory, that Adam has lost this battle. What a beauty he is. My son Dallas lost his battle with heroin July 12 2007. He was 3 months away from being 20. He leaves behind three brothers in so much pain. A brother who was the whole world to each of them. Thank you for sharing Adam's beautiful life. Why the beautiful ones must lose is something I will never understand. Love and peace to you from Seattle.