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In memory of David Vuolo

Created by Lisa Vuolo

David Vuolo

The loss of David is likely similar to many others but in this case he was more than an addict. He was my cousin and my first best friend. When we were young kids I was often told to stop kissing and hugging him because I just loved him so much that whenever he would visit I just wanted to love him to death. My dear cousin is gone now. He was found on the floor by his Dad overdosed on heroin. He leaves behind what’s left of our scattered family and sadness. I’m trying to take comfort in the fact that David is now my brand new angel, that the earthly pains that plagued him are over and done with, and of course that he’ll now rest eternally in a much better place. David was a gentle soul who was sensitive, kind, and intelligent. I’ll always remember him as the funny and funloving young kid that I shared so many great memories with. He took some beatings for me when we would create mischief as youngsters just trying to have some fun. For so many reasons I feel sorry tonight. I feel sorry that when he visited us for a short time 9-10 years ago around the start time of his opiate addiction I wasn’t as nice to him as I should’ve been and I fear that perhaps if I was that he would not have had to suffer as much as he did in the years to come.... David, I am so, so sorry. You’re my cousin and I love you. I know in my heart that if the tables were turned you wouldn’t have treated me that way and for that I will be forever regretful. No excuse could be made for the pain I put you through. As your cousin I could’ve and should’ve been more patient, helpful, and understanding of the demons you were struggling with. Please God and David, please forgive me. All the nights I could’ve callled you to tell you that I cared and didn’t bother to do so are going to haunt me now and forever. My heart is broken because I haven’t seen you in nearly 8 years time and you lived just 2 hours away, now I’ll never see you alive again. I’ll never get to hug you and tell you that I love you again on this earth, I just pray and pray that you know I do love you and I am so inexplicably sad that you’re gone. There will never, ever be anyone else like you in this world and I will be missing you until we meet again my angel cousin. Please give everyone already up there my love. I’m going to try my very best to make it to you?????? All of our love and prayers Cousin Lisa Aunt Anna and the family May you Rest In Peace ??

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