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In memory of Steven Jacob Greenhill

Created by Meryl Greenhill

Steven Jacob Greenhill

This page was created to remember our Steve. His battle and journey with addiction ended on 5/13/20. Our hearts are breaking, but we want to cherish our memories with him forever. He has touched so many hearts with his loud and crazy social self and he will be forever remembered as an intelligent, fun, dancing machine, traveling lover, selfless friend, and loving sibling/son. Thank you for being there for the Greenhill family during this time and please feel free to leave comments of your memories with him for us to cherish on this page. We will always love you Steven.

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1. William Shepard
Steven came to my family’s home during his freshman year. We all went for local Chinese food. When the drinks arrived and there was a fly in his soda, he immediately ordered another round of fresh drinks for the table in fluent Chinese. He was certainly intelligent and will be missed.
2. Iris And Gary Kassof
We're sending you lots of love and strength for you to process this devastating loss of your beloved Steven
3. Corey Lerner
Love you forever and carrying you with me always. You added so much to this world and my life and I'm breaking to know we can't add more to yours. Praying your loved ones can find some comfort. We all miss you
4. Suzanne Paldino
5. Jan Forman
Jim and I remember Steven as so vibrant and full of life at our Thanksgiving dinner 3 years ago. We are glad we got to know him. We grieve with your family at this very sad time. Love to all.
6. Carol Kurth
Dear Meryl, I’m so saddened that Steve succumbed to the tragedy of the disease of addiction that knows no bounds. My heart goes out to you, Rachel and Mitch. Your love runs deep...remember the wonder of the days of Steve’s birth, his childhood and youth, his love of his little sister and so many other milestones you shared. Celebrate all those special moments and let those live on within all of you. Sending my love... Xoxo Carol
7. Kevin Reyno
I met Steven at the DB gym in NYC and our paths crossed many fun times for a couple of years. Anything from dancing to FIP to hanging in Chelsea. Some of my favorite memories in NYC were when Luis & I were with him. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Steven
8. Marsha Goldfine
I am so sorry for your loss. Sending love and prayers to all of you. Marsha Goldfine
9. Sally J Shapiro
Sending you all my love. RIP Steven ❤️💔💜
10. Anonymous
11. Amy Fruchtman
Our thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
12. Christos Aresti
13. Angela Uzzo
May God hold you close Steve
14. Nancy Wolin
Sending love and heartfelt sympathy. Steve is at peace now. I hope your many loving memories will help bring you comfort as you begin to heal from this unimaginable loss. Wishing you strength as you support each other - XOX
15. Helene & Leo Cukierwar
16. Pablo Hoffer
17. Nicole Perrotta
18. F&A Cukierwar
19. Aubra Pricolo
Sending our love and prayers to the family. ~ Aubra & Noah ~
20. Sara Laliberte
So sorry for your loss. I hope you and your family find peace in this difficult time.
21. Mark Stockert
In fond memory of Steven Greenhill
22. Ron YudilovichRon Yudilovich
So many good memories With you so I am focusing on them and holding onto them. Thank you for this amazing journey that unfortunately fell short. You will always be in my heart.
23. Meryl Kaiser
24. Pat And Dara
Sending our love and condolences to the Greenhill family. May Steven rest in the sweetest peace.
25. Blaire Pistoia
Love you Rach! So sorry for you and your family’s loss.
26. Meryl Greenhill
I will miss you the Steve I knew
27. Bret McBride
Steven, I miss you so much. Fly free of anxiety now and be the angel I always knew you to be. Love always, Bret
28. Linda Van Grover
may each day find you stronger.
29. Lauren Bodine
30. Marjorie & Jason Gold
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
31. Carol & Chris Digan
May your Steven Rest In Peace.
32. Beth Stockert
So many wonderful memories growing up with Steven and Rachel, heart broken to hear of his passing.
33. Debbie Sherman
Sending all our love
34. Diana I
35. Amber Janke
36. Shannon McKenna
Sending you and your family my love and prayers <3 - Shannon McKenna
37. Milena Carrese
38. Barry & Terri Wechsler
No words can say our sorry we feel for the Greenhill family
39. Andrew + Shari
40. Hannah Ogren
41. Stephanie Gomez
Sending all my love and condolences to the Greenhill family - stay strong <3
42. Michael P Nicoll
Love you guys! Here for you - Mike & Danielle
43. Patti Vieten
For the love and support of Family
44. Gina Maestrini
45. Kim Heselov
Our hearts go out to the Greenhill’s. Their perseverance with Steve was admirable. May Steve and his family find peace.
46. Shelby Raybin
47. Rachel Greenhill
48. Rachel Vieira
My love and prayers go out to you Rach and your family. May care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace. Love you!
49. Matt Laliberte
50. Ryan Machovsky
51. Marci Wolfson
Dear Greenhill family We send this donation to let you know we care! Condolences on the loss of Steven-we will all miss him dearly! The Wolfson Family
52. Kellie Gleason
Sending lots of love to the Greenhill family. Stay strong <3
53. Amanda Woodstock
My condolences to the entire Greenhill family. I did not know Steve personally, but I am fortunate to know Rachel and the memories she shared with me of her brother. Thinking of you all during this difficult time <3
54. Stephanie Deickler
The Greenhill’s are family to me and have been so strong over the years, helping Steve and supporting him through the good times and bad. Never once did they give up hope. I am sending so much love and prayers to them during this difficult time. Addiction is a disease that must be talked about, not hidden. We can all learn more and reach out to those who may be suffering from this affliction as Steve was. He will be remembered as charismatic, intelligent and friendly. I remember growing up together and spending fun times with one another. Rachel is my sister and she was Steve’s number one advocate. I know this will never change. Xoxo
55. Katrina Gleason
Sending my love to you during this time. Thank you Steve for introducing me to Sancerre. I will always remember you being classy, joyous and fabulous. xx
56. Julien Anaya
So sorry for your loss.
57. Barbara Railton-Jones
Although I didn’t know Steven personally-I understand his struggle all too well. I pray for healing for his family and all who loved him. May you be comforted by the happy memories.