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In memory of Joseph Richard Mooradian

Created by Ashley Mullin

Joseph Richard Mooradian

This is the harsh new reality. Bring awareness & talk about the uncomfortable.

As I’m trying to not let grief consume my whole being anymore I am finally taking a small step that I have been wanting to for years in Joe’s honor. Joseph didn’t get the second chance of having his stomach pumped in the hospital to survive an overdose. He was robbed of that chance the second he was sold laced pills that contained mainly fentanyl . Unfortunately that is the new reality, almost anything & everything will be cut with something to save a few dollars for the maker. The amount of people I have seen lose their life to this exact situation is chilling. How is it talked about yet not enough? Take away the stereotype of  it being taboo to talk about the uncomfortable. It’s all around us and we are blind to it until we lose someone close to us and then we live with it every second of every day. If you have gone through something similar or care to exchange stories I am all ears and it would make me feel content to listen & relate with you. Please please share information this is only the beginning to my part in being part of the change.

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