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Welcome to My Fundraiser

Steven Passik

Steven Passik

Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.
Please consider donating to support the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and help families find guidance and hope.

The year I turned 50 I ran 10 marathons and raised money for childhood cancer research. Now I am in the year in which I will turn 60 and I am on the comeback trail to run the Five Points of Life Marathon in Gainesville on 2/17/19.

Battling addiction is a marathon and so I am running one to help those who are trying to beat addiction.

Partners for Hope raise critical funds on behalf of the Center on Addiction | Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families struggling with their son’s or daughter's substance use. Every dollar raised on behalf of the Partnership will ensure that their free, family support resources, including a Parent Helpline , one-to-one Parent Coaches, online tools and community education programs, can reach those who need them most. Please consider donating to this fundraiser and sharing this page.


raised of $15,000 goal

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1. Elisabeth McDowell
2. Marissa Noe
Go get em!!!
3. Joel Clousing
Run Forrest run
4. Mark Semiao
As an added incentive, I'll kick in a bottle of Gin Mare :) Have a great run!
5. Isaac Passik
Happy Hanukkah and Good Luck on the Run
6. Jody Green
Great guy running for a great cause!! Good Luck my Friend!