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Reality Check

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Reality Check

Hello, my name is Grace, I have just recently turned 16. It all started when I was about to turn 13. My dad had been cheating on my mother and left her. My mother turned depressed and had already had many issues and it turned worse. I soon after moved in with my father, his wife, and her 3 kids. One of her kids was a young boy around my age. He became my bestfriend. Not only were we friends but we had a relationship that lasted until a little after our parents had gotten married. A few days before my birthday, which is December 30, I tried some pills with him and his friends called Coricidin, which we teens called trips or tripple c's. There are many certain kinds of these pills but the kind we took was a puple colored box. HPB cold and cough. After that, I started getting into more things like marijuana, cigarettes, more pills, and liquor. When I was 14, my brother had became so addicted to drugs. He would have been 15. I would sit with him and beg him to quit and I would repeatedly plead to him, I would NEVER choose drugs to take away my pain in life. By the time I was turning 15 my life had gone through so much I didn't start caring. Last summer, 2012, I was kicked out by my step mother once again and moved back with my mom, this was the ending of my freshman year. My mother started letting me smoke cigarettes in front of her and I am now very addicted to them. I started hanging with the wrong people while living there and I got worse into liquor and pills. I would steal money to buy anything to get messed up. My friend had a car so it was easier to get?access to drugs and alcohol. We became known as pill poppers, drugies, pot heads, etc. Off course, being called this made me wanna do it more. By the end of the summer I was so addicted I would go days on them without sleep, eat, anything. Around July, me and a bunch of friends were on these pills and we decided to go out stealing cars in?the small town I was living in. We spent the whole night stealing and buy the morning, we got busted. After that, my mother and I would fight and I ended up running away. Soon after I was caught, I moved back into my dads. Being back with my addicted brother,? any drugs,?liquor, or anything was so easy to get. It was becoming late July, early August, and I was staying at my friends house, which were we snuck guys in and would party and get messed up. 3 days I had been on these pills, while drinking, and smoking and I just wanted more. I called my brother and he came and got me and we went seaching. We went to over 5 different stores looking for the certain box we took. No luck, I decided to make the worst decision of my life and get a different box with acetaminophen (tylenol) in it. I took over 30 that night trying to 'trip'. I few hours later I had woken up not realizing I had fallen asleep and was screaming,' I cant see!' My friends laughed thinking I was messed up. I went back to sleep and woke up later throwing up. All that day I was throwing up every 5 minutes. I went home and tried going to sleep but my parents knew something was up. I did go to sleep but I repeatedly kept waking up and throwing up. I called my friends that night and said I thought I was dying. They told me I must go to the hospital. Once I was off the phone, I went to my bathroom and threw up, this time not being able to get off the floor. I yelled and yelled for my dad. When he came down he picked me up screaming at me and I told him, I OD. He didnt help me at all. My body was shutting down and all he did was drink and scream. My step mother later on in the night kicked us out. Early next morning, still dying, we was made move out. My mother came and got what she could and took me there. Going on 2 and 1/2 days from taking these pills I was a mess. My stomach became a reck and hell?broke loose. That night, my mother and her husband were so drunk they couldnt see or talk staight. My step brother and him broke a window and my mom went crazy. My real brother, which is 20 now,?woke up?and came out. Hearing me screaming from the front room, he came in. He once before did these pills too and knew the kind we were suppose to take to trip would not do this. He took me to our closest E.R. While we were?there we found out my liver was failing and all my family came up there at 4 in the morning. By 6 in the morning I was taken by an ambulence 30 minutes away. While I was?there, I began dying. My body was shutting down and I was not going to make it. The last thing I remember from being at the hospital was my real brother and my cousin was in the room with me and?the monitors?went off and I stopped moving and breathing and they went running and screaming. When I woke up, I was in a helicopter on my way 3 hours away. I reached the hospital and about 20 doctors came in running trying to make sure I was alive. I remember one doctor told me im so lucky, noone thought Id make it. I was in the hospital for over 2 weeks. From then on, my life is never the same. I cannot take medicine, I can not go out and have a once in a while fun with my friends. I may never be able to drink or take tylenol again.. I get so easily sick now and it is pure misery. I cant do much without being exhausted after. My life is forever changed because my addiction.. Im here now telling my story so maybe someone will be lucky enough to save themself before they turn out like me or worse, dead. We are not as smart as we think we are when it comes to putting harmful things in our body. im in rehab now, making my urges go away, but mostly I know if?I put any substance in my system, ill be another teenager dead.

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Mimi Meredith
I, too, would not trade any moments of the teenage years--we have two college-age boys and a daughter who is a high school freshman. I love each young person who has graced our dining room table and I'm grateful for every opportunity to be around (not in...that would make me a Creepy Mom) their world. I think those relationships are the ones that shore up their souls...and ours...for the times that challenge.
2. Karen
Yes I do see parts of myself in both of them, kids are changing, like knowing the slang, and it has helped me stay younger in the head ,now if it could work on the body that would be a bonus. My girls are 13 years apart, Talking bout my generation and two more.