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Created by Melissa Rodman


I started using pills or opiates when i was 17 and was injured in a soccer accident causing my cheekbone to be severely broken.? I have been with my husband for 9 years and he was using when i was using.?I never thought in my wildest dreams that i would get pregnant not once or twice but three times in the? course of 5 years.? During those pregnancies I was using oxycotin and lortabs.?Thankfully none of them had any problems after birth and now. ?In 2011 my husband and I started using Heroin and at first we were snorting it. At first I was stealing money from my family who enabled me by not saying anything about it. Then once they did tell me to stop i started stealing from stores and that is when the IV usage began.? I was aressted for theft and went to jail, after that i continued to do it. After that? i went to jail again and spent 10 days there and i detoxed in jail. No meds, no nothing, and while i was in jail i lost custody of my kids. After that my husband and?I went to rehab,?I have been 140 days clean and i am in outpatient and my husband has moved to houseing. For anyone who reads this please take caution. God has a plan for you and if u pay attention he will provide you with your path. GOD BLESS!!!

Partners for Hope raise critical funds on behalf Partnership to End Addiction – the nation’s leading organization dedicated to addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. Every dollar raised on behalf of the Partnership* will help ensure free, personalized family support resources, including our national helpline, peer-to-peer parent coaching, customized online tools and community education programs, can reach those who need them most. Please consider donating to this fundraiser and sharing this page.

*Donations made to Partnership to End Addiction are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All contributions are fully tax-deductible, as no goods or services are provided in consideration in whole, or in part, of any contribution to this nonprofit organization.  EIN: 52-1736502

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1. Geraldine
Melissa im so happy for you , I myself have been taking tranquzilers for over 30 years as i have anxiety attacks, only way to stop is go to London with 12000 pounds , which is impossibe for me, I grew up with u on my tv still watch little house. from Irishgeraldine on Twitter
2. Catherine
Melissa, I rarely leave comments on websites but, you've inspired me to this time. I am so impressed with your courage to open yourself up in order to help others. It must be a good feeling to know that you are able to give people hope and be a role model for happy, clean living..