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Struggle and Proccess

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Struggle and Proccess

I was never really a substance user, but all that change in 2011 at 15 years old. I was going out with my brothers friend which was an amazing guy, but there was a lot of problems. He has a psycho baby mama that did everything she could to stop us from being together with the help of my family getting in the middle, for a reason I don't know why. He pushed hard for a good 3 months, but suddenly, he couldnt take it no more. We had broke up and it was so unfair to me. Mostly I was angry at my family for being against my happiness.

I was so depressed and things had gotten worse. It was a time where I was constantly getting kicked out and arrested and getting into fist fights with my father. He wasn't the best dad in the world and my mother never really stopped anything. I went to my friends sleep over with a few other friends and one of my friends was addicted to pill. she told me it would help me from my depression and fustration I broke down and did it. I loved it ?at first so much it got worse each time. I went from taking 3 pills a day to 10. I took all types from Xanax, Aderoll, Excascy, Oxicotton etc. And I had got into a relationship with a much older man who was a drug dealer and always have me a lot of free pills. He beat me so I left him and got more into the drug. I haven't talk to my brothers friend that I was dating in over a year. The whole reason why I took them was to forget about him and get rid of the pain. Untill a year later I got a call from him and asked if I hated him. Of course I said no and he came to see me later that night because he was hanging out with my brother. A lot of feelings overwhelmed me so much, but I didnt show it. Once he left it was 5 in the morning I had to get my fix, because I wanted to cry becaused I had missed him so much and wanted to forget. I popped 3 bar pills. But from me seeing him again the pills wasnt enough I still kept thinking about him and missed him and I couldn't take no more because I knew i would have overdosed. I was thinking about him and my nephews that I love very much and the only family I really had and decided to stop.

For being a pill popper for over a year and abusing it everyday I was an addict I didnt realize how bad I was till the first day a soberiety. I had withdraws at 16. I was throwing up, having cold sweats, couldn't sleep, and constand shaking. I thought I was going crazy. I never told my guy friends about what was happening. Untill they seen me. My teeth didnt look the same and had dark circles around my eyes. They begged me to tell me what had happned to me since they havent seen me in so long. I finally broke down and cried and told them. My frieds Armando and Miguel Just hugged me and told me they will help me. My friend went to rehab and came out and relapsed the first day out. I didnt want to be like that. I kept having withdrawls. and my friend said why dont you try weed jus to help. I smoked for a week straight and took a day from being sober and all my withdrawls stopped. I knew weed was bad but I thanked it for helping me, but I didnt continue smoking. It felt good being normal I told my oldest brother what happened and showed him my teeth. He was very upset at me, but took me to the dentist to get fixed up and I thanked him a lot.

After being normal I was still in bad relationships as so was my ex. Then one day he told me how he felt and that he still loved me and I told him I had never stopped I known him for 6 years and loved being with him. There was nothing else I wanted more. We got back together on 11.27.12 I never been so happy he told his baby mama to back off and I told my parents my story and my mother cried and apologized. I didnt expect much from my father, but I didnt care. Everyone has accepted him and Im happy and sober till this day. In moral of the story never use any bad or abuse any substance to run away or forget about your problems, because regardless it will always be there and youre just creating another problem to go with it. Do better for yourself and good things will come along. Im 17 been sober for over a year and never felt better. Everything happens for a reason. For every dark night there is always a brighter day

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Kathy Deady
Hi-I am the parent of an addict in recovery and run a parent education seminar. The tips are great, Ihope parents will pay attention. They usually don't want to hear it until it's too late. We have a horrible epidemic in Ma. and the only way it will get better is educating parents to risky behaviors and symptoms of abuse. We tell them if your "gut" says somethings wrong-it probably is. Keep up the good work. Kathy
2. Tina Cadd
Hello-I am a parent of a child that was taken from me through the Florida court system. Churched, scouts, volunteer work, YMCA, you name it, we were a part of it. The controversy began when she turned thirteen and the school insisted her participation with the Last Chance Dance. Of course, this was the most important activity that she did not want to miss. After, the DCF was contacted things got worse after custody was given to the state, she developed serious ER addictions. To do all that I could to help, I was called to start the Christians Against Drunk Driving charity. My daughter is now twenty-one and very secretive about where she lives and what she does. The phone contact we have includes scripture and prayer for her salvation.