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A miracle, I'm clean!

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A miracle, I'm clean!

I?have been an addict my whole life! I?am 51 yrs old and 100% SOBER today!?I never thought?I would ever, ever, ever be clean. I would say?I was one of the worst cases ever. It is truely a miracle?I am alive! I entered a rehab April 2011, I was so greatfull to be there. Someone finally heard my cries for help and?I knew that it was now up to me to take that gift and change my life! Today almost two years later,?I have never been so focused on my new life.?I have also learned to use a computer during my sobriety, so i will say to anyone out there who wants to give up............Do not ever give up!!! There is always hope. I never thought?I would be writing this. I am happy to be here.?I am at peace for the very first time in my life.

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Julie
Thank you for sharing your story, Russell. Congrats to you on 5 years of recovery!