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My brother. PLEASE READ.

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My brother. PLEASE READ.

Well as you noticed in my title, I asked everyone to please read. The reason for this is because my story is about a synthetic drug known as k2 or "spice" and I really want to emphasize the fact that this is one of the worst things anyone can get hooked on, which I will elaborate on in my story. My name is Jesse. Im a 16 year old male , and my brothers name is justin. He is 18. It all started my freshman year of high school, when I was 15. Me and my brother lived with my mom on the weekdays and my father on the weekends, my mother is a rather lenient parent, and let me and my brother have a good amount of freedom. However, my brother abused this.

Since my brother had 1st got into high school he had a bad interest with drug experimentation. He tried things like prescription pills, pot, ecstacy, and lsd. He never was an addict of any sort but he did get in a little trouble and his grades suffered from a lack in interest in school (note: at this time my brother was only 17) anyways , enough with boring details. What happened was, one day he was caught with ecstacy at school, which in the end, got him a year of probation with drug testing 2 times a week. This is when everything went downhill.

He discovered a new drug called spice. Its a synthetic marijuana that doesnt show up on drug tests. My mom was so willing to get him out of this terrible trouble he was getting in, she was willing to do anything. so with very little knowledge about this synthetic new drug, she let him use it. It was an occasional thing, for a while, until he started using it alot. Even when his use got heavy, all still seemed well until his grades on his online classes started slipping (he got kicked out of high school when caught with ecstacy). My mom was very concerned, and told my brother that this had to stop. He still did it anyways as my mom wasn't very assertive like she should have been.

Anyways, this went on for a long while and my brother kept smoking. Then, we moved to a nicer neighborhood because my mother wanted to get us out of the environment that got my brother into this addiction in the first place. This is when things got bad. My brother started smoking ALL THE TIME. every day, morning, night, and afternoon. He always had slurred speech, and the high was about as obvious as a turd in a punch bowl. There was no playing it off. Well anywho, my sophomore year came around and we both got enrolled in the local high school. My brother continued to smoke frequently and decided it would be a great idea to smoke before school one day. He went out back and smoked a joint of this spice crap, afterwards he proceeded to walk inside, and look at my mother (who was waiting at the door to take us to school) and he asks her "so are you going to that school thing too?" in a slurred voice. My mother immediately started crying and decided he wasn't going to school. He went to sleep and she took me to school.

He STILL smoked after this, and he was developing very very VERY bad anger problems, along with that he is a built guy. My mom was too intimidated by my brother, she didnt ever say anything to him. And frankly, I dont blame her. He was becoming dangerous. This went on much longer until one day, I was in my room on my phone, and my brother was in his room smoking spice. He walked out of his room and went into the loft to sit on the couch (both?our rooms and the loft were upstairs). Suddenly I hear my brother screaming bloody murder and I jumped up and ran out into the loft to find my brother curled up in fetal position on the couch. I asked what was wrong , and he says, in a slurred voice, "a ghost! A ghost took my phone and threw it across the room ! " oddly enough, his phone was actually sitting on the floor across the room. To this day, I dont know how it got there. He probably threw it himself. But anyways my mom then came up stairs and I told her he was high and hallucinating. She walked up to him and he grabbed her, I then ran into my room and grabbed brass knuckles (I had them as a novelty item) and I ran and showed a fist to my brother and told him to let her go. He did and I proceeded to call 911.

They said he smoked too much and overdosed. (another note: this was AFTER his probation was over, so he wasn't smoking spice because he couldn't smoke weed, he was addicted now). After this, my mom pulled him out school and he went to live with my dad who is a much more strict parent, where he finished high school online and finally got clean.

Conclusion: My brother is now clean, but from smoking this I notice he has social problems from being high so often. I want to inform everyone that this stuff is no joke, and spice is a very potent substance that is nothing like marijuana. But there is hope for recovery. I still suffer from the experiences I had with my brother (there is much more I left out) but I want everyone to know that this stuff it terrible, just... Horrible. It ruined my family, and my brothers high school experience. Also, I watched my brother, and my cousin overdose on this and have seizures. It isn't something anyone should take lightly, and to any parents out there, remember this, our local smoke shop sold spice to my brother KNOWING he was underage !!!!!!!!! They dont care !!!! I just want to raise awareness about spice/k2 and tell everyone how serious of a problem this is. Feel free to ask me any questions About spice, or my experience via email or Facebook. my email is thanks for reading. I hope my story helped, and always remember these 2 things: 1. THERE IS HOPE. 2. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Have a great day!

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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