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Just a little

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Just a little

Hi My name is Axel and this is my story....

It all started when I was 13 I started hanging out with a new group I started smoking and by 14 I had ran away from home. At 15 I had a serious drinking problem so bad that people where embarrased to be seen with me . I used to drink so much that I would black out . I would drink anything and everything I could get my hands on even if I didn't like it. I was skipping school getting bad grades everything. I used to go to parties wake up the next morning embarrased because peopel would tell me about all the things that happened the night before. Then it happened someone I had just seen 3 days ago died in a drunk driving accident when I was just 15, and you would think that would've woken me up but no.... So awhile later I go to this one party my sophmore year ?and I was eithier 15 or 16 and I was so drunk that people actually thought I was gonna die and they were praying for me and then the next morning when i woke up I heard what I had done and found out that I had stop breathing that night 5 times .... Well that , that was it for me and I still struggle with urge to drink but im getting by and I feel better for staying away from it and yes I might have a glass at a special occassion but thats it. So if I can do it you can do it too!

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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