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Crack Cocaine Verses The Power Of Appropriate Prayer

Created by Willie J. Henderson

Crack Cocaine Verses The Power Of Appropriate Prayer

I was?an alcohol and?crack cocaine addict for 20 years. I was homeless, ate out of the trash cans, panhandles, stole, robbed, and did other perverted things to aquire crack. I went in and out numerous drug rehabs and failed?each time at?trying to find an avenue that would lead to deliverance. Then one day after being once again kicked out of a rehab faculity I was siitting in an old abandoned house reading the bible, crying to God while asking, "Lord why am I going through these problems? Why am I living in the woods, underneath over passes, and other God forsaken place?like a wild animal? Why, why, why?" It was?not shortly after?the Holy Spirit opened my eyes to better?understand? Ephesians 6:12, Luke 4:1-13 and Revelation 12:1-9,12-17. In the book of?Ephesians and Revelations I came to understand the spiritual battle theat we are waged in against evil spirit's that influence drug and alcohol adiction and other related sins. In the book of?Luke I learned that each time Jesus was face with temptation that he immediately responded, "It is written" followed by the appropriate verse to match the situation presenting itself. Well, to make a long story short I decided to followed Jesus' example and not long after I was set free, delivered! As a result of my deliverance I was inspired by my family and friends to share those appropriate verses of scriptue that I used at precise moments which eventually became the book, "Crack Cocaine Let My People Go Appropriate Prayer Results In Deliverance" and the book, "Crack Cocaine In Jesus Name I Command You To Release Your Hold." Both book can be found on,?, and directly fom the book publisher Please take 30 seconds to?visit my webpage at:

The truth is 12 step programs are a blessing to have, but unfortunately those programs and?steps don't work for everybody and where those steps fail God's word, promises?will never fail at. This book has changed the lives of everybody who has purchased it or those I've given the book to?as they keep inconstant contact with me with their?testimonies by email and phone calls! One thing I learned from the temptations that I struggled with and fought against is that according to James 2:19 the name of Jesus is the name that the devil fears, not the name higher power! I pray that all those who disagree?simply take a moment to swallow their pride and at least preview the book by going to Type the name of the book in the search box, and then click on the Amazon order button to "Look Inside" , preview the book from their ordering site. Or simply Google: Christian Willie J. Henderson", Or, "Minister Willie J. Henderson". God is getting ready to answer a lot of prayers by way of this testimony and story!

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