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Dope with a needle

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Dope with a needle

When I was younger I never wanted to follow the rules. School sucked and all I ever wanted to do was hang out with my friends, get high and party. I started doing meth at 16 but did not continue down that road but for only a year. I dropped out of school during tha time but I had a good job that i kept until the age of 21. I started taking pills like loratabs and percocetes at my waitressing job that i had and advanced into that addiction quick, spending all my tip money every day and coming home with hardley nothing...

So i started using dope again.. For energy was my reason. I quit my job and lost my house, broke up with my boy friend and took off to the streets, jumping from house to house and never cared about nothing no more. All the people that were closest to me were shooting dope. I didnt know this until finally i seen my friend doing it. She was a different person when she shot that shit.. Evil fucking devil bitch. Hate.

I never wanted to be that way. So when i was told get ready to do one i said no im not ready for that , not yet no no no... but the guy kept on saying how much better it is and bla bla bla.... so i let him do it to me.

The rush of that shit is breath taking and i was immediatley hooked... I continured to shoot dope for 3 or 4 months and one morning before the sunrise i was driving in a town im not familiar with and with out my glasses on or contact lenses in and BAM i pulled right out in front of a car going 60 mph..

I broke my hip, my pelvis, my entrie left side... I could not walk for weeks and worse than that my parents had to recieve that dreadful phone call. My friend had his spleen rupture and he almost died as well..

You would think that would have changed me but it didnt. I threw away my crutches after a month and started walking again WAY TOO SOON and started shooting dope again. I left my parents house and never looked back. They had so much dissapointment and grief in their lives because of me....

I got with a man who was 20 years older than me and i thought i was in love for a year and half. We shot dope we fought we were in and out of jail. It was a sick relationship and i thought i would never get over him.. But he got a year in prison and i got pregnant 4 months after he was gone.. THANK GOD..

GOD SAVED ME he had mercy on me and he gave me a fresh start.

My son Nathen Noah was born on 12 12 12 and my life is a blessing that i thank the good Lord for every day. I had lost it all from shooting dope. I was a junkie. i was so low and so far gone that i quit talking to God. I talked to the devil and i invited EVIL into my life. It consumed me.. But i never once did the devil's work. i didnt sell meth to people i did not do meth with innocent people. I never once pushed someone into the dakrness the way that that guy pushed me..

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Texan
I am glad you wrote this story. I can sympathize with you. My mother and brother went down a road with this. My mother has passed, Her Soul, like yours, Clean. She was just along for the ride. With the Grace of God, She lived a life that had two healthy sons. Show him LOVE, and how to share it with the world. Ride out, and stop the durn car if there's someone that needs the help. Let's all do that. Your story is unique and you have a testimony to share. Don't Hold Back Sister!