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The Harmony of The High Life

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The Harmony of The High Life

Hello, my name is Jordan Frasure and I am fourteen years old. I came here to share my mother and father's story of addiction and recovery, in hopes of inspiring those suffering to get help and have support. I live in Ohio. A town called Logan. It is very small and filled with many bad hobbies, like of course, drugs. When I was 5 years old, I lived with my mother and father in a large house of our own with my twin and older sister. We had everything we ever wanted. My parents owned a million dollar business (the name which I cannot remember), and us kids were spoiled. We all knew my parents were on heroin. But being 5 years old, I wasn't sure what to think of it. As we grew older, we started to have less and less money. One night, my parents got into a fight and began mercilessly beating each other. There wasn't anything we could do but scream stop and cry. The police showed up and took both my mother (Denise) and my father (Jimmy) to jail, where they remained for less than a month. Custody was given to my grandma, where we remained for 5 years on-and-off. Everytime we lived, or even stayed, with my parents, something would happen that led to their arrest. We had lost the business and house when I was 7. When i turned 8, I moved to Gahanna, Ohio with my aunt. I was in the 3rd grade. I can only remember how badly I wanted to kill myself. Which a third grader should not be thinking.

My parents were not allowed to see us at all. We cried everyday, wishing to change everything. Like, on Halloween Children's Services agreed we could come home to trick-or-treat with my mother. My mother waited for 3 hours to see her children, which did not happen. This led to her going on a drinking and drug binge. Finally, our grandmother took custody back, and we moved back to Logan. Things went smooth for about year, and we moved in with our mother and father again. I had turned 10, and was in the fifth grade. One day, walking home from the bus, I was alarmed to walk in the door and find my mother was not home. My grandmother had told me she was admitted to the hospital with a disease called MRSA. My grandmother had talked to me and my twin about the possiblities of my mother not making it. But she told us we must be strong and supportive. So, we did as we were told. When going in the hospital, I couldn't help but take notice of my mother, lying on the hospital bed. Her conditions seemed to be worsening. But, they let her go to a nursing home, where she would recover from withdrawal and be cared for.

I begged my grandmother to take me and see her everyday after school, which she did. It was January, and my mother had already missed Christmas. But we went and visited her, and she was still alive. That's all that mattered. She ended up healing up well! All my prayers had been answered. Everything was going well, until my parents leaned away from Heroin and decided to take up drinking alcohol. They would come home in a drunk rage, and argue and fight all night. My grandmother one night had enough. My mother started smashing dishes everywhere, getting glass all over the floor and kitchen, so my grandmother pushed her to the ground and told her to get out. She walked outside, and left, but still returning the next morning. Later that day, to get drunk again. I sat with my twin sister and composed a journal, spilling all of our feelings about my mother and father's drinking problems. I have no idea why, but my cousin had found it and showed it to her. She ran up to my room and began yelling and screaming. Finally, she'd had enough, pushed me onto my bed and left. The next morning, my grandma demanded she take a drug test. We handed her that cup, and she took it to the bathroom. After about 20 minutes, she returned. Handing us a cup of a green-ish liquid, which we found was Green Tea. We knew she wasn't clean. On Heroin again.

We left the situation alone for a while, since we found out my older sister, Cassi, was pregnant with her first child. After she had given birth, my mother admitted to being dirty, although we already knew. My ex-boyfriend, Michael- his grandmother had passed away from a drug overdose. She was my mother's best friend for a very long time. This caused my mother to hit rock-bottom. She told me that she was going to rehab. My father did too. At different times, of course. I waited for them to get home. I was so excited to see my mother and father sober. My mother attended AA and NA meetings everyday, and I attended with her in support. She has been clean ever since February 14th, 2011. That is nearly two years now. I am so thankful to get to be with my mother and father now. An actual family, which I have never had. It is an amazing feeling and I couldn't be more gracious for all the memories and love from my family.
No matter who you are, what you do, or where you happen to live, there is a way to get clean. People love you, and people need you. I need my mother and I am so glad I have her back. I hope someone out there reads this and is inspired by my family's story. Just remember, someone out there could be sitting here typing how proud they are of you someday. Thank you for reading.

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

Guest Book


1. Mary
You are such a strong and amazing young lady! Keep sharing this story it is very inspirational! And always keep journaling! You have such a special gift at writing! I am so happy you have your parents back and you are a family again!
2. Becky
What a wonderful story. Thanks so much for sharing!
3. Jane
Thank you so much for sharing! This was a really inspiring story.