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Kim's story

Created by Kimberly Fischer

Kim's story

Hello my name is Kim i started using drugs at a very early age i was 13 years old. I am now 42 and have been clean and sober 5 years. I started using to be accepted in my circle of friends. First it was marijuana at age 13, next it was meth age 16, and then heroin at age 20. I became an IV drug user. With that came jail then prison. Stealing from my parents, friends, family. Doing anything and everything i could to get high. I gave birth to 4 children. They were taken away and adopted out to my parents. Not even the loss of losing my children could stop my addiction. I wanted to stop but cravings and withdrawal made it almost impossible. I would go in to rehab from time to time only because my parents and children would beg and plead with me- i would go for them and not myself. The day came when i hit rock bottom i couldn't get any lower than where i was at. My parents had just both died 6 months apart from each other. I used more than i had ever to kill that pain that horrible feeling of emotion. My children now had lost their adopted parents and had no one but a herion addict for a mother. I ended up again in prison for a crime i did again while high on drugs. My older sister took all 4 of my children in. I did a lot of thinking in prison thats pretty much all you have to do.

On january 18th 2007 i changed my life- i started with meeting NA /AAA. I had hit my bottom. I was so tired of using and all the drama that goes along with it. I still just am doing it day to day. I am clean i can feel emotions and handle them. I have my 4 children in my life 2 of my sons even live with me. Life is just so beautiful- i never thought i could ever get to where i am today. If you are out there- there is hope and help you can stop ..I used to look at people that were clean an wanted what they had: a normal life. Well I am there i got what i wanted. I still have cravings and i still fight this disease of addiction. I will always be an addict. I choose not to use.

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