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A mothers love

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A mothers love

My mother loved me very much I know this. On the outside we looked like a very normal family. A mother of four children whom she loved very much and offten went to bat for them. One child had adhd, one was hard of hearing. We children wanted or needed for nothing. To an outsider it looked like we had the all american perfect family.

Only us close within the family knew the truth, when? I was about 13 my moms health begin to decline. She started having back trouble and having several levels in her spine fused. The doctor put her on all kinds of pain meds at one point she was taking several hundred mg of morphine a day on top of percs or vicodin. On top of that my entire life my mom had smoked weed. It helped her nerves she said. She did ok at first then one day her doctor just up and left town left mom with no refills.

She begin turning to the street to find what relief she thought she needed from the pain. buying whatever and for whatever price she could get her hands on. When she started buying the pills off the street she begin snorting them because one of her so called "Friends" told her it was better than way.

In the meantime I graduated High school got married and shortly after was expecting a baby. Due to the economy my husband and i moved into moms to help eachother out up to that point I didnt know how bad mom had really gotten. Shortly after Keya was born I started having health problems myself and let mom talk me into snorting vicodins with her. Before I knew it the vicodins weren't good enough so I started doing percs then graduated into morphine.

Then just a few short months later one night mom and I couldn't find anything to buy. Mom calls this friend of hers and tells me hey I found something you havent tried before but it works it will make you feel greater than u ever have, We went and picked it up I didnt see it. We got home she went into the bathroom to get it ready she said. By the time I got into the bathroom she already had it lined up on the plate, so i just snorted it no questions asked.

A few short mintues later I realize wait this is different, it made me sick but then after i got sick I was higher than I had ever been.?it was then that mom told me it wasn't a pain pill but herion.?I told myself forget this im never going to do it again. Next thing i know we were doing it everyday at one point mom was in the hospital and we had the guy bring it there so we could keep doing it. We went from an all american hard working family able to pay our bills to on the brick of forecloser unable to buy food for the house. My husband finally moved us out in aug of 2011. on Sept 17th of 2011 my daughter was at my fathers house and moms was on the way there so i thought I would stop at moms and do some herion with her before picking my daughter up.

But I was not expecting what I found when I walked into the door. Moms couch was directly in front of the door and she was sitting half up with her face slocuhed in the corner of the couch as she had often slept. I thought she was just sleeping so I begin to shake her to wake her up but I could tell right away something was different and wrong she was so cold and stiff. So i picked her up put her face right up to mine and I realized she was dead. I begin screaming and trying to find a pulse?it was too late she had been dead for about 6 hours when I found her. My mom my rock my hero was gone.

We later found out she died of suicide by drug overdose.?She had high levels of every drug imangeable in her system. Two days after her funeral I shipped myself off to rehab I wasn't going to let heroin take another member of our family. I have 485 days clean and sober!

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. Katia
This PSA is so powerful! We all seem to be plugged into our phones wherever we go- and the consequences are fatal...Let's get the word out!!