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Young In Recovery

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Young In Recovery

My name is Sara and I am currently 17 years old.?I'm fairly new to recovery and I have to say it's the best things that's every happened to me. I was headed down a path that would only end with jails, institutions, and death. Now I'll be graduating from High School this upcoming May and then I will be off to college. I'm here to tell anyone that's young that if you don't want to use drugs (yes,?alcohol is a drug) you don't have to. Choosing to live clean is truly a gift from God and I'm sooooo grateful for the life I am being to have. I have people today who love me for who I am and will be there for me when time gets rough. I am proud to say today that I AM A RECOVERY KID!

This Story of Hope was created in celebration of recovery and to let families know that there are pathways to hope and healing. The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families who are struggling with their son or daughter's substance use. Please consider sharing this page so that families know where to turn to for help, and that there is always hope.

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1. David
Parents should monitor and check their controlled substance prescriptions (Count them weekly, it only takes a second.) Also, monitor the use of your child's prescription. There is no need for the child to be in possession of a full month's supply of ADHD medications. If pills are missing, replaced, and there is a pattern this may not be your child, but also could be your child's friends if they are open. All too often I go to a house and see opiates and other controlled drugs sitting on counters. These should be locked at best, but always count. Take it from a an ex-teen who remembers their past many years ago.
2. Tim
Thanks again guys. Caroline, congrats on having the courage and compassion to do the investigating. The path ahead of you is bumpy, but if you are committed, it leads to brighter days. My next post will address your question directly. If you need help before then, feel free to email me
3. Caroline
Tim, thank you for writing this article. I've suspect that my son has been drinking or using some sort of substance. Last week, I began doing his laundry again and my suspicions were right... his shirts wreeked of marijuana. Now I need to know what to do next...
4. Jan
Awesome article. As the mother of two teenage boys who are challenged everyday to make the correct choice it is critical to keep the lines of communication open and stay involved (despite the back-talk I get for 'hovering'). The article is clearly written and provides the guidance to hopefully prevent the start of a deadly habit as well as the steps to keep it from accelerating. "Trust but Verify" - a very wise friend once told me that!
5. Heather
What great advice to give parents to make their inquiries about what their kids are doing less pressing and accusatory...Keep up the good work Officer Shoemaker. Your work has certainly made a difference in many lives...parent's and children's together...
6. Eileen
Good solid advice from a trustworthy source! I too think that many people today feel they shouldn't be too intrusive in their teenager's lives, but I disagree with that, particularly with a subject as important as this. I remember a psychologist telling me that the logical part of the brain does not fully develop until we are somewhere in our 20s, and it happens later for boys than for girls. Even more reason why we as parents need to stay involved and provide guidance and act as "protector" .
7. Bill S
Great article! A must read for anyone with children. Very practical. Very real world.
8. Arturo Stillwater
What a wonderfully written article, very insightful and I especially liked the 10 checklist methods.
9. Tim
Thanks so much Emily!
10. Tim
Thanks so much for your feedback! This isn't an easy subject, but by networking together, we can make it easier. Don't forget to add your own tips to these comments. Someday, we'll post a follow-up piece, and much like the future, we're writing it together.
11. Emily
What a wonderful article; I love it. Great blog! This is definitely one of the better ones.
12. Mandy
Sara!! This is amazing! What an impressive young lady you are!! Congrats at the upcoming Graduation (Whoo hoo) and best of luck at college!! Be sure to find groups to connect with that share your interest and are in line with your recovery! Once again, great job! Go out there and take this world in YOUR hands!!
13. Jane
This is awesome! Congrats!