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Megan Grunlund

Megan Grunlund

My brother, Sam, tragically passed away from a drug overdose on March 28, 2020, after a decade-long battle with addiction. Sam was extremely athletic and excelled at any sport he played. He found his passion for running several years ago while in a long-term, inpatient, drug treatment facility in upstate New York. When he returned home, he took me out for some runs. At the time, I couldn’t even run a mile, but he kept encouraging me and within 2 years, I ran my first NYC Marathon in 2017. My brother and I ran a number of road races together through the years prior to his passing. During the pandemic, there was a tremendous spike in overdose deaths to more than 93,000 nationwide in 2020. More than  93,000 families have been destroyed because their children, parents, siblings and other loves ones died in this forgotten epidemic. Opioids contributed to over 69,000 of those fatalities.
Sadly, In 2021, overdose deaths continued to rise to an estimated 107,622. Opioids contributed to over 81,000 of these fatal overdoses according to the CDC.
I am running the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon in memory of my brother and to raise money for Partnership to End Addiction in the hope of bringing awareness to this cause.
Please support my fundraising efforts for the TCS New York City Marathon Fundraising with Partnership to End Addiction. Any donation you find it in your heart to give is greatly appreciated, No donation is too small.
All donations will benefit Partnership to End Addiction.
*Donations made to Partnership to End Addiction are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All contributions are fully tax-deductible, as no goods or services are provided in consideration in whole, or in part, of any contribution to this nonprofit organization.  EIN: 52-1736502


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Team 2022 TCS New York City Marathon


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1. Ryan Grunlund
Good luck and have fun! Thank you representing such an important cause!
2. Lisa Monico
Praying for more awareness of this horrible epidemic ! Your brother must be so proud of you ! 🙏
3. Mary Gardner Demet
Go Megan Go! We are so proud of you! ❤️🙌
4. Carl DiGioia
5. Anonymous
6. Anonymous