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Frederick Muench

Frederick Muench

I am one of the lucky ones. I am alive after struggling with opioid addiction in my young adulthood. Some of it is literally luck that I am here. However, every nudge and ounce of support helped me achieve recovery. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me. I am now working with some great people to help families recover. Please help us give a chance to another family in the grips of addiction. I got that chance because people supported me and now have a family - something that was so hard to see when everything was so dark.

Please donate to us to help families overcome addiction. Help us work with parents and families who don't have the resources. Help us deliver our resources, chat, personalized messaging and one-on-one coaching services to those who have nowhere else to turn.

Your donation matters - and today (Tuesday) it is matched by our amazing Chair, Mike White so you get double.

Thank you so much. All the love in the world to you all.

Fred Muench
President and CEO

Partners for Hope raise critical funds on behalf of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, the only nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families struggling with their son’s or daughter's substance use. Every dollar raised on behalf of the Partnership will ensure that their free, family support resources, including a Parent Helpline , one-to-one Parent Coaches, online tools and community education programs, can reach those who need them most. Please consider donating to this fundraiser and sharing this page.


raised of $5,000 goal
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spurred by Kat's FB post on Nov 28. Thank you for the work you do. Helen, Pleasantville
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Happy to contribute to an organization where Sean Clarkin has given so much.
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4. April Benson
What inspiring work. Congratulations, Fred. You are now over your goal. Warmly, April
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